While there is no actual economy system in play on Game of Kings, we still wanted to outline the currency that is used in Eikeren and give a general idea of the cost of things. These are just suggestions, and only are provided to give a base from which to RP from.

  • The gold standard, as they say, is the Gold Florin. They are usually simply called florins. One is more than most peasants will see in a lifetime, and they are commonly used to pay debts between Houses or Guilds.
  • The next most valuable coin is the Silver Eagle. Slightly larger than a florin, it is most commonly called a silver. It takes 100 silvers to equal one florin. A good horse or sword might cost a few silvers, while a tournament-ready horse or a suit of plate armor might cost half a florin or more.
  • The smallest coin of the realm is the Copper Stag. Referred to simply as a copper, it takes 100 coppers to make one silver. A couple of coppers can buy you a meal and a drink in one of the nicer taverns, or a full night's drinking watered-down brew in a dive.

Most commoners (outside of the Guilds) will only ever see a few silvers over their lifetime, and will pay most of their debts with coppers or with various trade goods.


There is no hard and fast rule pertaining to costs of items. The following table will help develop a sense of how the economy in Eikeren works. Please make common sense calls when it comes to buying and selling items, or make generalist statements about the worth of something.

Ale - 1 Tavern Meal - 1 Cask of Ale - 10 Good Saddle - 25 Shoe a Horse - 3 Knife - 5
Good Horse - 7 Small Wagon - 2 Good Sword - 10 Brigidine - 17 Plate Armor - 55 Joust Horse - 30
Upgrade to Castle defenses range from 1 Florin to many.

Armor Build Times

Armor takes time to make, especially heavier armor. We have cut down the times from the best guesses as to how long construction of these armors actually took in order to better suit a MUSH environment. The following are guidelines for how long it will take a smith (PC or NPC) to create a particular type of armor:

Armor Construction Time
Full Plate 14 days
Brigandine 10 days
Joust Harness 8 days
Full Mail 7 days
Scale 6 days
Partial Mail 5 days
Breastplate 4 days
Leather Jerkin 3 days
Padded Jack 2 days
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