Wedding Affairs

Wedding Affairs
Summary: The wedding feast of Sammel and Victricia
Date: 18/08/2013
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Brivey Keep - Lord's Hall
Named for its main use as an entertainment room for the resident lord of the keep, the wide, high-ceilinged hall often plays home to throngs of guests. Stone and wood marry to form a nearly perfect acoustical environment so that a single word spoken from the dais can be heard in all corners. Grand crystal and silver chandeliers hang by a rope-and-pulley system, allowing one to raise and lower to adjust and light fresh candles. On days of entertainment, the room is positively crowded with tables and bodies; on other days, however, the tables are pushed against the wall. Across from the main entrance, a large dais occupies a third of the hall's space. Beyond the dais, two small doors lead into separate rooms - one the lord's office, and the other a back access for servants ferrying food, drink, and the like. Impossibly tall twin wooden doors in the wall opposite the dais lead back into the entrance hall.
Sun Aug 18, 1329

There had been a wedding, which for all the unseemly time constraints put upon the organizers had been as extravagantly expansive (and expensive) as one expected to be had at Brivey Keep when the Heir himself was served up and sold to the Auldholme bidders. There had been flower petals drifting in the wind, and sweet child song choruses. There had been a feast, too, which technically was still in progress. Great tables ladened with food, as if a competition for who could gorge themselves the most, and then explode. Liberal amounts of wine, beer and mead, to make sure that the explosions were as painless as possible. Troubadours singing, musicians playing, and various sword swallowers, tumblers, jugglers and even a pair of dwarves riding around on Riedel Rams swinging wooden swords at each other. They had come greatly recommended as the height of humor and entertainment from.. someone. Probably the servant they'd bribed. With enough alcohol consumed, anything could be funny, however, so who was to say they wouldn't be a staple in noble halls for years to come now?
Sir Sammel was seated at the high seat with his newly made wife, eying the cleared out area in the center of the hall that had been prepared for dancing. Though why etiquette should dicatate that dancing only happen when half the guests were likely to be too drunk and well fed to ever manage to keep up with intricate moves, was beyond the Riedel knight. Still, he squinted, considered.

Rakel had made most of her rounds already, and always seemed to have a cup in her hand. Wine. She always seemed to have a cup of wine. By this time in the evening, she was smiling easy smiles to anyone she greeted, and laughing along with most anyone else over the dwarves. Because. C'mon. Dwarves. On Rams. Even she could work up a good laugh for that. She has, for the moment, found a seat at the end of a table, where she might sit with her cup, give the rim of it many kisses, and watch the festivities with every bit of amusement in her keen eyes.

Sitting to the Grooms side, Jerric notes the empty chair between him and Sammel, the one set for Guinevere. But on his other side is his advisor, Katarina who he turns to "I must have those dwarves at the next Tourney. By all rights it should be held here, next." He takes up his ale, a big drink, and his mouth is wiped on the deep read tunic that he wears instead of his usual armor, along with finely tailored pants and of course the crown of the Prince.

Did it matter that people had probably been getting both hungry and worried, when the newly weds were late to arrive? Probably. Possibly. But since that arrival, however..out of sorts and slightly tousled it might have been, Victricia had been drinking. Steadily. Easily and admist no small amount of smiles and general laughter and the occasional giggling. "I am so very glad," wine glass in hand, "That I let your mother plan this. I just..I don't think that I could have outdone absolutely any of it. We should have a contest!" And there, there she'd pitched that lovely voice to carry, "A dwarf to the knight who can stay astride a ram the longest!" That..might have been backwards, surely that was backwards. "Prince Jerric, Sir Sammel, what say you?!" Giggle. Wink,…at the pretty lovely blond at the table. My what a delicately lovely woman.

Katarina casually drops a napkin, one that was provided for Jerric most courteously by the servers, for the wiping of hands, mouths etc., in Jerric's lap as she takes a drink from the glass that she's holding as well. "I wonder if we could get a troupe of them to visit on a regular basis," she wonders in a quiet aside, her voice trembling a little in amusement. "And I like the idea of it being held here," a sideways glance, subtle, "and if you should choose to participate I strongly encourage you to appraise your betrothed of your intentions before.." also delicately said. Victricia's offer to the room, at large, makes her nearly snort wine through her nose, this - nearly - action causes her eyes to water as she wheezes with laughter for a moment. "Define longest?" she calls to Victricia while laughing. "Is there to be a ride-off, perhaps?"

Rakel turns a demure smile and lifts her cup in Victiricia's direction, in answer to the wink. Encouraging the drunken silliness and reverie, and throwing her lot in with the idea of this ram-riding contest.

Jerric looks at the napkin, confused and then to Katarina "What's that for?" He asks then another drink of his ale, draining it, looking up "Another!" he demands before he laughs "Yes, dwarves jousting, on Rams, we must have them." He cuts his eyes to Katarina "Oh, after the last time of not telling her I doubt she would approve of me competing." He looks to the empty chair again and sighs "But, if if I do I can't compete as my self, of course."

"Bah! What is this? You're wanting to make a fool out of your new husband, oh Lady Victricia dear?!" Sammel roared it out with all the force that a battle commander could project, bellicose and wrathful one moment. He slammed his mostly-empty tankard of ale down onto the table with enough force to make the expensive contents splash in all direections. Good thing it had almost been empty. Those who knew him well might fear his temper was getting away with him. Until, well, he started laughing instead. Just as loud as he had roared. He got up to his feet, somewhat unsteadily. "How about I make a fool dancing with you instead? The Gods know you'll have plenty of time riding a proper Riedel Ram yourself tonight!"

"Oooooh, across the room and back, I should think. Just there, in the center, before the dancing? No! Wait. After. I do not want to step in ram sh—," saved, by Sammel. Or perhaps not saved? A fool? The sudden cringe back in her chair betrayed the intimacy she had with his temper and for a moment, there was a look of panic in eyes close, but not yet lost to the glaze of drink. Had she upset him? No. Thanks to the Four, for all of her eased free of tension when he laughed. "Yes. A dance," and so she made to slip her chair out as well, rising to her feet while he…, Vi never missed a beat, didn't blink, just let her laughter ring out free as you please and, "A proper Riedel Ram? Did you order one delivered?" And there, cast bright blue eyes, full of mocking innocence out across the hall.

"It's this fancy new convention referred to as a 'napkin'," Katarina answers to Jerric with a smile. "It does, if used properly, save your tunic and everything else from stains, and try to avoid using the edge of the tablecloth as well," she suggests and flicks one fingertip toward a wine stain already setting into the material in front of Jerric. "And I think you underestimate her, my liege, I believe simply knowing in advance is key to keeping her on your side," she suggests. Her amusement kicks up another level at Sammel's remarks - because, after all, what's unusual about the sight of a nobleman so drunk that he's insulting his newly minted bride? Except Vic's answer makes Katarina laugh loudly enough that she almost snorts wine through her nose - again. Terribly lady like herself, really.

Nobles and royalty feast and ponder the deep mysteries of life such as how long people can stay on rams thar run about, or if it's just dwarves that can master this grand feat of brillance. Giving only a passing interest to the pair of such dwarves that have been provided for such amusing entertainment, Alek simply remains in the background as is his place to be at such functions. Thankfully so really.

One might say Guinevere is late, but other might say she is just fashionably. Whatever the thought, she gives no reason for her arrival being prolonged and just nods politely to others as she makes her way up towards the table where Jerric sits. A curtsy and the young woman smiles to her brother quickly, "Sammel, I do apologize for my late arrival but once again many congratulation." She says quickly before finding her seat and trying to blend into the background. However she finds herself next to Jerric of course, between him and her brother. The brunette finds herself merely treading water as she tries to get her settled.

There is a moment of darkness that flashes over Jerric as it seems that Sammel's temper has shown it's self. But then the laugh, his comment and then that of Victricia's cause him to laugh as well. Nearly bumping into the serving girl that brings him yet another ale. He cuts his eyes to Kat, still laughing "But what are tunics for?" then picks up said napkin and wipes at his mouth. "But if you think telling her would be best…" and there she is. "Guin! I had thought you would not come," he says as she settles down next to him. He leans to her and in an attempt to whisper, which he fails, "Do you have it, the gift?"

Guinevere distracted Sammel briefly from his intentions to sweep his wife down to the dance floor. As soon as the girl had done with her courtesies, he enveloped his sister in a bearish brotherly hug, squeezed tight before let her go with a chuckle. "It's alright! We're not done just yet. We were just about to stand dancing, or at least I was. You should drag your intened and join us on the floor!" With that he turned back to Victricia again, leaned in and planted a wet kiss on her cheek. "One for you and you only, my dear." Playful wink followed. Then with a somewhat-drunken flourish, he offered his wife a bow, and then begged her hand with his. "If it pleases my Lady?"

With Sammel distracted with Guin's presence, Vi turned her attention back to the wine, the glass had been filled, who had filled it? Why hadn't she seen them?! Servants were remarkable things! Must get one of those post-haste! And then? She flashed a shameless little smile in Katarina's direction. "One just for me, he says, as if I didn't have it in the—-," now who had jostled her? Stupid chair, attacking her calves. "Of course!" Sammel was back! He'd justled her chair, damn him. "A dance. For who but you would know what pleases?" And then, she looked past his shoulder once more towards Kat with amusement dancing in her eyes, and a look that seemed to say, not a second before she did, "And with a straight face I said that!"

Smiling happily to her brother then giving Victricia one of her own Guin shakes her head, "I need but a moment still before I even consider dancing." Her attention turning to Jerric a moment, "Tell me what?" She asks including Katarina in her questioning look with a friendly smile for the other woman.

"Well, typically your attire is to keep the court from snickering at you from behind their hands," Katarina suggests, utterly bland tone of voice, as she shifts her attention from Jerric to Guinevere and smiles at Guin. "You look lovely," she says right before Guin is captured by Sammel for that bearish brother hug. While this hug is being exchanged (smothered?) she says, in a much lower voice, "ask her to dance," which passes for marital advice from Kat to Jerric. Her attention sweeps back to Vic and she meets Vic's eyes with her own, laughter bubbling forth, "Your composure is legendary, my dear, legendary."

"Tell you that maybe, just maybe I might compete in the next Tourney, as my advisor has instructed me to tell you." Jerric's eyes flash to Guin and then to Kat, grinning as he does. "Dance?" he says to Kat before he catches on "Oh yes, I shall, I really shall."
As Sammel and Victricia stands to go to the dance floor, Jerric stands and yells "Wait! I have not given the Bride and the Groom my wisdom for newly weds!" He holds out his hand to Guinevere and motions with the other to a squire who makes his way carrying a long object that is wrapped in fine red cloth.

"You are drunk," Sammel accused his wife, though before it could be taken as a truly damning accusation he followed up with: "Which is just as well. It'll be hard for you to tell just how badly I do on the dance floor. Or if you do, at least I can share the blame!" He chuckled, and as soon as she gave him the delicate hand he'd begged for, he lifted it up to press it against his lips in a knightly gesture of affection and devotion. Jerric's announcement caught him mid gesture. He slowly turned around to face his friend, and while waiting, slipped one arm around the curve of his wife's waist. Slightly possessive, that gesture, but he was allowed that now that he'd wed her, wasn't he?

"Oh well in that case. As long as you inform me and I do not just find out by injury alone." Guinevere shakes her head at this and smiles to Jerric. then his hand is offered and she stands up with a mix of grace and caught off guard by the tipsy Jerric, "Oh yes such wisdom he shall inpart." She jests before reaching to remove a necklace from around her neck, the best place to not lose a gift.

"Legendary, she says, did you hear her?" Vi grins up at Sammel, even as he casts that accusation in her direction and as her hand his caught, his kiss delivered, she lets her fingers unfurl to stroke against the curve of his cheek. "I am a legand, Sammel. And yours." While she's caught, her hands slips from his cheek to settle against his back, while the free hand helps itself to the wine glass that she'd been eyeing moments before. "And on my way to becoming very drunk, a state in which I insist that you join me, as the Prince shares with us the almighty wisdom of the crown." But not to forget the sister, at her she smiled. The blinked and in a mouth that was perhaps too liquored up to censor itself, whispered to Sammel, though likely loud enough for those nearest to hear. "Oh they're not about to give me a piece of her jewelry are they? That's less tactful than me being drunk. You're not, are you?" Though this time the question was given direct.

Jerric laughs once again "Well I have no wisdom for newlyweds but I do have this," The squire steps forward and Jerric draws back the read cloth and there, a sword! Not just any for those that know can tell right away that this is a Bornas sword. Made by the master craftsman of Rhaedan "My friend," he says to Sammel "Long have we been together and now I feel that part of our lives draws to an end, but here, this is for you on your wedding day." And then he motions to the blade "Take it," is all he says before stepping beside Guin.

"And she's right, more than she knows. In so many fucking ways, too!" Sammel told Vi with a smirk. "No, no. I'm sure they're not going to give you a pieace of her jewelery." Though his eyes were on the necklace with just a hint of a frown brewing in the knitting of his eyebrows.
"What part of our life is that, friend? Oh. Wait. You mean the random tumbling of—-" he blinked, bit down ont he rest of the words he might have said. Not that he hadn't already said more than enough, but some sense of self preservation entered through his drunken state. "It's beautiful!" This was a genuine exclamation as he reached out to take the sword. Like a child just gotten his very first birthday present, he marveled over the hilt, then drew it halfway so he could see the state of the blade.

Guinivere ignores the comment from the bride mostly. Merely whispering to Victricia as she holds out the ruby necklace, "I was afraid to lose it sorry my lady." Smiling though Guin passes the rather masterfully done necklace over to the bride, "Congratulation and welcome to our family Lady Victricia. My brother is a very lucky man." She steps back to stand beside Jerric once again with a look upwards towards the prince as she looks towards the sword that was given to her brother.

Katarina crooks a finger at Alek to draw the young knight to her table, "Have a seat?" she asks the knight, content to sit back and watch the newlyweds . . and soon to be newlyweds mingle and exchange gifts and pleasantries.

"Why thank you for that well delivered welcome, Lady Guinivere." But…Vi hasn't really reached to take the necklace. "But I couldn't possibly take something that was yours. You should keep it, it would be rude otherwise and I would never forgive myself, but thank you, for the thought. The both of you." Her smile was sincere, even if Jerric hadn't said anything and then, she turned her attention towards Sammel's new sword, admiring it with the same awe that had sent that whispering hush across the crowd.

Entirely content in the shadows, for that is where guards exists, out of sight but near enough should they be needed. But Alek blinnks a touch when Katarina is spied giving that curl of her finger to beckon him over. He does make his way over, surely it is safer with some of them going out onto the dance floor, right? Giving a bow of his head before he takes the offered seat,"A pleasant evening so far, hopefully you are enjoying yourself, Countess?"

"But of course, Sir Alek," Katarina replies as she waves one of the servers over and has a fresh goblet set on the table in front of the young knight, wine thusly poured, and has her own goblet topped off. "It's lovely, the service and the reception, both, wasn't it?" she asks in return, looking quite pleased - even though she had nothing what so ever to do with any of it, other than just observing both.

Guinivere smiles politely still, protesting once more, "Oh it was not mine, we had it made for you Lady Victricia in fact. I am just clumsy and would have lost it." She holds the necklace in her hand still, fine golden strands falling through the woman's fingers as she looks to Sammel for an answer to this predicament but quickly lets it drop with a smile, "I shall just have to find you something else then Lady Victricia, I apologize."

Eyes drift to the goblet of wine, looking at it a few moments before Alek reaches and picks it on up, his first for the evening. "Quite so, the service was quite beautiful, and the reception has been lovely, and the entertainment top notch. " A drink taken from the goblet before asking as eyes go back to keeping an eye upon things.

Sammel looked at the necklace in his sister's hands, then towards Prince Jerric, and then all the way back to his wife, who was currently wearing the sapphire necklace that he had given her as his present. Technically before the wedding itself, so she could wear it during the ceremony. His new sword had been set aside for the time being. He'd obviously been pleased with it. As opposed to the somewhat more neutral look he was given the jewelery. Finally he said: "You should take it, my dear. It's a gift. You don't need to wear it right now."

"Of course," Vi's voice had lost it's pleasant whimsy. "It would be our honor to accept the necklace and thank you, again." With her husband's orders, this time Victricia accepts the necklace and in turn, passes it off to Sammel, "It doesn't go with my gown and your pockets are far safer than mine. Let the servants put it away with your sword?"

Rakel has apparently been sitting back, just observing the show and presumably nursing that same cup of wine; more so when a chuckle or grin might have threatened her lips at inproper times.

Katarina aims another look of amusement at Sir Alek before the young knight excuses himself from the table, goblet in hand. Since she is, temporarily, bereft of dinner partners she turns her attention back to the dwarves. After all, they ARE part of the entertainment. "So, drunk dwarves and rams riding, when does this begin?"

"Well. Gifts out of the way," Sammel said with a somewhat strained smile, leaving the Rava's Tear and the Black Ram both in the hands of his trusted man-servant, to carry off and then put on a pedestal where the guests could gaze at them all they liked. "Thank you, sister," even if it was Jerric he looked at when he said it.
"Now, we were dancing weren't we?" Asked of Victricia, taking her hand once more and then making a beeline for the dancefloor.

Guinivere takes a step back towards Victricia again and hands over the necklace if she will take it this time, "Of course." The lady nods her head quickly before glancing over towards Jerric who looks a touch unsteady on his feet, "Perhaps you would rather sit this dance out?" She asks the man who nods and the two move off to take there seat again, before Guin excuses herself, looking a touch white around the edges. Jerric quickly follows, despite the drunken nature of the northern heir, he does look concerned.

"We were! But I wanted to see you ride a ram and swordfight with Jerric," Vi pouted, but it really was hard to argue when he captured her hand like that. "At the very least I want to see the dwarves standing up on their backs and…," on dear me he was weaving her through the crowd far too fast. At some point, she was going to need a really strong cup of tea or a decent piece of bread to level out her drinking. "Dancing!" Like it was a battle cry, free hand pumping in the air.

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