Westmarks in Laketown

Westmarks in Laketown
Summary: The Westmarks visit with the Mother Superior and learn of a situation involving her.
Date: 31 May 2013
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Temple Chambers - Laketown
Slightly vaulted ceilings continue into the common room of the Temple of Four. The common room begins the area of the Temple that serves as living quarters for the Covenant and Chosen of the Four. Before the hearth that usually has a fire within it, a small collection of tables and benches for the residents of the temple to share meals, give and take lessons, or simply take a break from the day.

Along the far wall to the west are several alcoves that serve as kitchen and several panties. And to the east a doorway to a long hallway can be spotted. Off of the hallway are the individual quarters for the Priests and Priestess and their Chosen along with the group rooms for the orphans and Acolytes.

31 May 1329

Tylon had been promoted to Mother Superior of Laketown a while back, and that means she has had visits and congratulations from those that have known her for a while as she is achieving her dreams. One group that hasn't arrived yet is finally making their way into the temple as Paule Westmark, the Baron of the same land is leading his family into the temple with their guards. "Considering that we are near completion of the rebuilding of the Westmark Temple, I figured it would be a good time to meet with the Mother Superior to see about getting well.. the girl that helped deliver the twins into the world would like to come bless the temple when it is completed. And I know that we have not seen her in a while."

"And, conveniently, use this opportunity to inquire of the Mother Superior as to the proper way to dedicate the temple," Katarina interjects, her words following Paule's with only a few moments of pause between his words and hers. "After all, if any would know, and know best, it would be the Mother Superior," she adds, her stride matching that of the pace set by the taller half of this Westmark pair.

Oh happy days…The world was erupting in chaos once again as the kingdoms were being brought to the brink of war. And somehow it all happened just after Tylon became Mother Superior. Taken all in stride. Really. At some point, the Westmark family would be directed to the back of the Temple and the more private area of the place to find the Mother Superior. To be found sitting at one of the tables with Alyona, Tylon as seen better days, sporting quite the black and purple bruise across her left cheek and there are hints of bandages peeking out of her robes along the left side of her neck and left arm. "I would just like to know just how it is they always know just the right moment to bite into those things, we're not going to get anywhere if they keep dying and can't be questioned," is the current frustration being expressed to Alyona. IN a clam fashion, really.

Cricket trails behind her parents, a hand making yapping gestures for the benefit of her twin. She certainly hasn't been too pleased with her old man lately — how many times in a week does she have to hear the word 'no'? — and has no qualms about letting her irritation spill over into outright mockery behind his back. Of course, she'd never /dare/ show this side of herself to anyone but Castor. As far as everyone else is concerned, the Westmarks are a completely united front, and Cricket won't put up with any suggestions to the contrary. But amongst themselves? Well, Katarina and Paule may think they've got their children under control, but… "Mmm," the girl remarks absently, only half-hearing what the Baron and Baroness are going on about, "You don't say."

Castor casts his gaze all around him, one eyebrow slightly raised, one side of his mouth curved downward in a lopsided mouth-shrug. He blinks as he listens to his parents and then glances at his twin, Coriaria. His fingers move in minute rapid signals.

I think I would go mad, in this place…

His eyes flicker down and to the side where his hound would have been had he been allowed to bring him inside. I miss the road, he signs a moment later - but his hands go still when he spots Tylon.

"I did not even see him reach for it, I admit, though I was indeed distracted by that … girl." Alyona replies to the Priestess, shaking her head ruefully. She has been very good after their most recent escapade, but every time her dark eyes linger down at those bruises upon her charge, glowering anger draws her brows together and threatens her own, more ominous serenity. It is certain her anger is as much upon her own percieved failure as towards the erstwhile assassin. "Do you know yet what concoction it is? If you could find an antidote, perhaps something that can be put into their skin…?"

When voices ring out through the hall, the Chosen stands, though she had already taken the chair from which she could observe the entryway. That they are escorted in by a silent acolyte does not stop her fingertips from brushing the hilt of her saber. Tylon would know that the bare motion, almost unnoticible, means her old friend is jumpy. She would be a bare running step from putting herself between the non-initiates and the Mother Superior, as needed, but she doesn't speak, either.

They may think that they have the wool pulled over their parents' eyes, but.. Paule looks over his shoulder, pulling back the dark red hood of his cloak to eye his twins. "I realize you are both wanting to do your own things again, and when we return to Westmark, you will be allowed to do so, within the Barony." he says logically. "But while there is this madness of rebellious Princes and Princesses and their murders and the Rhaedan royalty allowing their family to be held and the Tanifords to march unopposed.. I think it is time to make sure our lands are shored up for now, would you not agree?" Asked rhetorically, the Baron slows down a step as he notices Tylon and her Chosen. "Sister Tylon." he says with a grin that suggests he knows better, but then he steps aside for the children. "Company to see you. However, it seems you have seen better days. I had heard the rumors. And the persons that did this to you?" he asks as the assassin takes in the sight of the Chosen and the Mother Surperior.

Katarina does not need eyes in the back of her head to sense the discontent of the eldest of her offspring, it practically waves a banner, jumps up and down on the furniture, scrawls unpleasant words on the walls in charcoal, gallivants around in ugly eye-searing colors and sulks dejectedly in the nearest corner with a heavy bosom heaving sigh. After all, the children are.. well.. still children. Teenagers. She and Paule had done their best to not handicap their children by making their lives easy, neither of them are particularly fond of the limp wristed sniveling sort, and they'd be damned before they'd allow either of their three children to slide down that path. So the yappy-hand, fingertip twitching, eye-rolling, not-quite-heaving-bosom-sighing of their children does not go unnoticed. Merely.. it is not remarked upon at this precise moment. "The funeral, has it been arranged yet or did the body merely get disposed of in some appropriate manner?" comes Katarina's question, rather immediately on the heels of Paule's words as she moves a step closer, studying the Mother Superior with a critical - which is to say, obviously worried/concerned/outraged - expression upon her face. "And if this has not been done so as of yet, may we be of some assistance in this matter? One bad turn, when it comes to insult and injury, deserves another."

"I have some wonder if they include it some other way, a tooth perhaps. We may need to consider that." It had taken Tylon a bit of time to return to her own calm and tranquil self after her return to Laketown. A shake of her head comes,"I do not yet, a few tests are yet in progress, but I think I am closing to figuring out what they are using, then we…" But then there are voices and guests being ushered in and the topic is dropped in a blink of the eye.

Tylon moves to her feet a few moments after Alyona, a smile easily coming to her lips. And there is that hand that goes to settled but a moment on Alyona's arm, a reassurance to her Chosen and friend. Friend, not foe. "Baron Paule, it is a delight and it has been far to long." A shake of her head coming,"It is nothing," yeah right,"just a disagreement with fellow travelers, and I assure you they came out for the worse of it. Unfortuantely so, I would have much preffered to have a nice long chat with them. But the Guardians did not see it the same way. " A bow of her head to Katarina,"Baroness Katarina, ah…that…" Glancing now to Alyona,"The one in Wolveshire is certainly dispoed of…and the two others upon the road…I imagine have been taken care of in one fashion or another. So Ifear, nothing for you to give a look to."

And the children! "Coriaria and Castor how you two have grown. And do not look so glum! I know travel is wearing," see travel bruises! "But Laketown has much to offer, unless you are just passing back through. It seems many are just wandering back and forth through these days, far to many in truth."

It's a good thing she's so fast, her composure unruffled by her father's sudden backward glance. Madness, she signs mockingly, fingers twitching just so to imbue the word-gesture with a derisive tone. "Yes, Father," Cricket replies dutifully, swishing past him to perform an elegant obeisance before the Mother Superior, then moving fractionally to the left so that Castor may do likewise. The telltale furrow appears between her brows as she shares her mother's sense of worry over Tylon. Really, the animals responsible for such a thing to her ought to have a /special/ brand of justice visited on them — a brand of justice, it just so happens, that Cricket is fond of enforcing herself. "We're well, Mother Superior" she says in her most reassuring tone, "We've missed you a great deal." And it's true… well, at least for the elder twin.

Castor frowns at his father, then slowly blinks his eyes. "I understand, Father, I do…" the words may sound like an agreement, or concession at least, but his tone is still that of an adolescent who has been grounded on the day of his favourite hunt. He would have said more, perhaps to elaborate on why he feels as he does right now - but the sight of the Reverend Mother and her injuries has his attention almost instantly.

The youth's eyes dart from wound to wound, looking at each dressing (whatever is visible) and noting the details. Recognising a healer's art and being good at practicing it (which he is not) are two completely different things.

He catches himself staring, and offers the Mother Superior a formal greeting. He can make an effort when he wants to - especially with the promise of an open road after the formalities are done. Despite the bow, his hand - hidden just slightly behind his back - signs something to his twin:

If rebuilding our home is so important, I would rather be THERE, putting bricks on top of bricks. I would have gone straight there, after I - his hand hesitates. The direct route was too dangerous, so… here I am.

He speaks then, following his sister. "Greetings, Mother Superior. I - me also." His expression clouds. He cannot remember then last time he saw Tylon.

Though everyone is all smiles and familiar greetings, it is not until the Mother Superior brushes her sleeve that Alyona relaxes just a hair. She is a good watchdog, stepping down only upon command, not upon the appearance of smiles and treats. Although she appears to lapse into a slow consideration of these newcomers, a perceptive eye would detect the languid facade for what it is. But Tylon has called her down, and so she stands aside, speaking only when she is glanced at. "Aye, they worry of little but worms and crows now, milady. I have seen to that." She replies, sleepily. A watchdog that sleeps with one ear cocked.

When Tylon speaks, Paule takes a closer look at the woman, actually stepping closer to the Mother Superior to check the style of wounds and make sure that this was actually run of the mill bandits and not well.. people of his profession. That being the quiet part of his profession, not the Baron part. As he does so, he listens to the others speak. "Haven't they, Mother Superior? They have seemingly gotten too big for their britches at times, but Kat and I do well to keep them in line." he frowns at something he sees. "The people that attacked you. These random travelers. How were they dressed?" he asks.

As he asks, he gestures to Katarina and the kids to come closer. "May I?" he asks, reaching to tilt Tylon's chin to show a slight mark in one of the wounds. "They're not of Westmark, but I believe that you were not besieged by mere travelers, Mother Superior. These travelers. How were they dispatched?" he asks, his eyes turning to Tylon and then up towards her Chosen.

A faint glance is given to Alyona by Tylon and a series of introductions are performed,"Sister, these are the Westmarks," hand flickering through the four as she goes,"The Baron Paule, Baroness Katarina, and then Lady Coriaria and Lord Castor, whom I had the pleasure of aiding into this world. Not that they are the least bit interested in being here at the moment, especially Lord Castor there…Like most lads, bored out of his skull, I do bet he'll have more interest once he hears about the tories of Ravas' alter, don't you think?" This last being directed towards Alyona. Before Tylon does introduce the Chosen,"Thi is Chosen Alyona, we have know each other longer than I can remember."

And then there is more attention being paid to her injuries and that particular matter. ANd she is being….interrogated, green eyes do flicker in Alyona's direction, Tylon seeming almost…amused. "Yes, you may," is Tylon's answer to Paul. "And you are quite right, they are not of Westmark, and I suppose I mispoke to say they were mere travelers, for fellow travelers do not drop out of trees. When the fighting tipped, they ingested poisons of their own make. We are quite aware of the…travelers…hmm shall we say..alligences, Sister?"

"Then they escaped…" Castor murmurs in a very quiet voice. He may not like being here, inside a temple of all places, but from the tension around his eyes and in his jaw - and the fact that his eyes are fixated (again) on Tylon's injuries.

The boy cannot seem to help himself. Some things are just 'not done'. There are no further outward expressions of anger, vengeance or displeasure (he has that much self-control), but it is unlikely he could keep his emotions completely hidden from his family - especiall Coriaria. Even if his parents miss how upset he is, she will not.

Something is clearly bothering the youth.

He glances at the walls of the back room in which they have gathered as if those walls were prison bars, perhaps. He swallows and gives a polite - if forced - head-bow to Tylon. "So long as you are safe now…" he falters for a name. "Mother Superior," he adds a little lamely. His eyes flicker toward his sister, and then to the walls around them again.

Perhaps after the introductions, Alyona relaxes a touch more. She even smiles a touch at the joke about Ravas. It is really difficult to say with most Chosen, and this one seems more the spirit of Stilltha - like the Priestess - than the norm. As it is, she downright fidgets unhappily when Paule moves to touch the Mother Superior, midwife to his children or no. But she musters a very believable salute, and a deep bow of her head suitable for a woman of arms protecting her charge. "It is my honour, Family Westmark."

Alyona eyes Paule at his questioning; it is not precisely suspicion, not if Tylon greets him and his as friends, though her brow quirks at the 'not of Westmark' comment. Or maybe she just always looks like she is glowering. "Aye, as Mother Tylon says. We have met them before. They are cowards, more willing to meet their… maker than to meet me." She eyes Castor, next, but nods, droll. "An escape of sorts, I do imagine." She almost sounds disappointed at the fact, and her nostrils flare slightly like a hound on the scent of blood.

"If you need something dealt with within the community.." Paule says as he glances back towards Katarina and frowns as she looks rather tired suddenly. "…we do owe you a debt, Mother Superior." the shadow baron offers quietly. "And it is unfortunate the bodies are unavailable. We could have seen about making a counter to their poisons, but myself and Kat and the kids, if they want the practice.. can see about blending you some, if you have not done so as of yet?" he asks as he rises to his feet to assist Katarina for a moment. "Is there a place we can rest?" he says as he eyes his wife worriedly for a moment.

A calm nod goes to Paule,"I have seen to taking samples prior to the last two being..disposed of. There is some work being done in that direction, but if you would wish to give practice on the matter….we can perhaps discuss further about it in the morning." Tylon gives a bow of her head at the request about a place to rest,"Yes, we have extra rooms that you may take up…..I believe there is extra food to be had yet, for now or later." Calmly seeing the family along to the extra rooms had. Simply not addressing the offer of help and that matter further.

With that approval, Paule glances towards the twins. "We will see you two in the morning, as well." he says quietly as he and Katarina go to retire for the evening. "And then we shall travel towards home."

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