What Lies Ahead

What Lies Ahead
Summary: The pair of hooded healers' tranquility is disturbed by an overeager Deputy. But instead of engaging in some sword practice with a Blue Guard that fails to show up, Deidra suddenly finds herself amidst a conversation, with the three of them sharing thoughts about their fears and how to meet them adequately - in the unsure fate that lies ahead of them.
Date: 16/06/2013
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Tamara Pawel Deidra 

Road Northwards (or is it westwards now?)
A camp by the road. Trees. Sleeping troops. Tents.
June 16th, 1329

Tamara pats the ground beside her to indicate her hooded companion should hopefully take a seat. She still looks groggy but is at least not horribly scary in the morning, "I should have taken the northern prince's offer of stealing his bed. I am afraid I was not built for the road my dear." She whines and looks about, still speaking in low tones.

"We will have to keep that in mind for later, then. For travel, more comfortable solutions should be found," Pawel replies, as he takes a seat as well now. "Hopefully a trip like this is not needed again anytime soon." Speaking through the hood as he looks around at the people waking up. "It brings back memories, though." A brief pause, before he adds, "Wait. The Prince offered you is bed?"

"I appreciate it though I must sound like such a complainer." Tamara says is a joking voice before leaning her head on the disguised duke's shoulder after her takes a seat. "Oh yes I should tell you Prince Stefan knows who we are but is keeping it quiet. And the bed offer…he offered to sleep elsewhere. It was nothing inappropriate I think."

Pawel nods a little bit, as he hears that. "I suspected as much…" he offers, going silent again now, as he shakes his head a little. "And it sounds like there was nothing inappropriate, which is good. I'd hate having to have a discussion with him about that in the future…" Spoken a bit quietly now.

"A talk with him? Would you defend me so?" Tamara asks with a wry grin before covering a yawn that threatens her face. She leans her head on the duke's shoulder again still not awake enough to consider tea, "I am sure you would." She says sleepily now, "Though do not worry, it's not like I haven't had the privilege of being asked if I am that kind of camp follower a few times, the hazards of a disguise."

"Of course I would," Pawel replies, with a quiet smile, before he nods at the rest of what's said. "True. The hazards of disguises. But hopefully it will all be over soon."

Wandering among the still sleeping soldiers and knights is a single figure, swift steps and the sound of humming indicating this knight here is in good spirits indeed. Wearing a slightly worn armour of plate and chain, surely not the shiny stuff, and a blue cloak that must already have seen better days, its splendour now dimmed by stains of dirt here and ther, the female carries a wooden practice sword over a shoulder while her steely green eyes scan those already awake for a familiar face. Sir Deidra continues to hum the merry tune, while her feet start moving in an awkward manner - yes, reminiscent of dancing perhaps. A dance of sword practice, which already transmits itself from her eager anticipation to actual combat movements. Having already reached a spot which is more or less clear of sleepers and other folk, the wooden sword leaves her shoulder to swing around as she tries out the weapon's balance, followed by a call addressed to one particular knight. "Sir Brennart! Up with you. Time for sword practice."

It is only then that her gaze brushes the conspicuous pair of hooded healers, engaged in some hushed conversation. Lowering her sword until its point comes to rest on the ground Deidra calls: "Good morning to you, Master and Mistress Healer. You are up already? At this early hour?"

"Good to hear, your grace." Tamara whispers in her hooded companion's ear before giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. The blue guard's words and actions then reach the woman's ears and she moves so she isn't using the other 'healer' for support anymore, "If anyone can truely be awake at this hour Sir." she responds to the knight.

Pawel smiles, nodding a little, before he sees the Blue Guard, nodding a little bit now. "Looks like you have mastered that particular dance of swordplay, Sir Deidra," he offers a bit quietly, before he nods a little bit. "Old habits die hard, I suppose. And with all the happenings during the Corsair War, even a humble healer needed to be up very early." Another brief pause, before he adds, "I hope you are well this morning, Sir?"

"Hmm, you look a bit tired, Mistress… Mary? Why do you prefer to stay awake then, instead of some sleep and rest?" Deidra inquires in a friendly tone, her gaze still attentive as she studies the female healer. Her companion gets a nod and a grin from the Deputy Commander of the Blue Guards. "Aye, but there are many more to learn, many a technique that needs some polish. Master. And -", she adds after a pause, "we of the Blue Guard are supposed to be masters of the martial arts. To lean back and refrain from regular practice could be a mistake. A deadly one, indeed. So… yes, I'm fine today. I would even be better if that lazy Sir Brennart would finally crawl out from beneath his blanket and join me!!" The latter part is called at a louder volume, to reach the ears of a particular Blue Guard in question.

"Sleep does not come easily to me always, Sir Deidra." The female healer says respectfully before adding, "Such worried of are we prepared for any injuries plague my mind." She offers in excuse before shrugging and finally getting up to gather two mugs of tea, one for her companion as well. "I am glad to hear the Blue Guards feel so strongly about their practice and skills Sir, makes one feel safe." She chimes before holding out the second to the disguised Pawel.

There's a bit of a chuckle as Pawel hears the part about the lazy Sir Brennart, before he nods again. "That's how one improves and keep one's skills for everything," he offers, before he takes the offered mug of tea. "Thank you, my dear," he offers to his fellow healer now.

Mary's reply makes Deidra look concerned for a moment. "I am sorry to hear that. We depend upon you to sleep and be well rested should we need your help. As for your worries… Have you been to war before? Even if there will be wounded and casualties as well, which I hope, by the Guardians, will be as few of ours as possible… One fact is that at one point the supplies might run out. And a need to improvise would arise. As would the hope to be lucky enough to be wounded early in battle to receive the benefits of a proper treatment…" Deidra pauses, a little smile brightening up her usually sour treatment at what appears to be a dry jest. "As for… if you are prepared to face the wounded, the horrors of injuries, and the multitude of people to treat in less time than you would normally have…" Her green eyes flit downward for a moment. "Noone can relieve you of that. Better not worry too much beforehand, I'd say."

The other hooded healer elicits not much of an reaction from Deidra, apart from pursing her lips and another nod. And a belated: "True indeed." added after a short moment.

'Mary' head shakes as she bites her lip lightly, though it can't be seen. Taking a seat next to her hooded companion again she holds her steaming mug in one hand and wraps her free arm around the disguised duke's, "No Sir, I have never been to war and hope this will not be my introduction." She tells the blue Guard and nods her head now, "I am glad you have this other healer about I am sure, Tylon? Let us hope she has more experience." The 'healer' jests.

"Well, the best would be the hope to get through the battle without getting wounded, of course," comes quiet from 'Wilhelm' as he takes a sip of the tea now, nodding a little bit. "Not to mention that things can get chaotic in battle, resulting in some rather interesting wounds, unfortunately." He goes silent again now, taking another sip of the tea.

"Mother Tylon. Aye, we are blessed to have her with us…" Deidra replies to the female healer, her gaze momentarily growing pensive as she mentions the Priest of the Guardians. "Well, anyhow, I'm sure you will be spared from the experience, Mistress Mary. And if not… they say the Guardians can lend us strength to stand through the greatest challenges. I am sure this applies to you as well."

"The battle seems to be inevitable, Master." the Deputy continues in Wilhelm's direction. "Alas, I would have hoped it could be avoided." Her gaze shifts to the woman again. "Other than you, Mistress, I try not to think of all that can happen and any horrible injuries I could sustain. I do the only sensible thing. Train and get better at my skills, to reduce the risk of getting killed, and being wounded as well."

"I do believe Prince Samwell mentioned her being here Sir." Tamara replies and loosens her grip on Wilhelm's arm before taking a sip of her tea, "Enough talk of battles though, you are right the only thing to do is train and reduce any risk. Or pray to the guardians for the lack of one." She chuckles and sighs lightly.

Pawel nods as he hears that, letting out a bit of a sigh. "Let us hope that after this, we will be able to avoid having battles to be done for a long while. The two Kingdoms and their people all need the peace and prosperity." Nodding a bit as he listens again, taking one more sip from his tea.

"Right." the Blue Guard replies, offering a smile to the both of them. "It seems we agree on that, then." Her steely green eyes lingering for a moment on that redhead it seems Deidra is about to ask something, but then she shrugs and lets her gaze wander over the camp instead. Some more have stirred from their sleep and are about to get ready for another day on the road. "Hrrm. It seems I have to find Sir Brennart, as it does not seem he will find me." she remarks, looking slightly irritated. Shouldering that wooden sword again, the Deputy is about to move onwards but turns for a last remark to the two healers. "It is reassuring to know that there are people on our side - even moreso if they can be trusted." And with that said she walks away, looking for a certain Blue Guard that is in for some serious scolding at least. The ominous meaning of her departing words lingering in the air as she leaves.

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