Who's Afraid of the Whickey Witch?

Who's Afraid of the Whickey Witch?
Summary: Breanna comes looking for Brother Merrick, instead she finds someone else that feels she is a threat.
Date: 16/9/1329
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Breanna Ignacious 

Laketown - Temple Gardens
A simple stone path leads out into the garden of the Temple of Four. Several trees offer shade along with small stone benches for people to rest and enjoy the peace and fresh air of the garden. Though by far the offerings are more practical with the many herbs and vegetable patches that exist within the flowers and bushes that exist. A close look by one knowledgeable in the area, would notice that most of the flower and bushes themselves have purpose beyond scenery. Near the back of the garden is a small orchard with various fruit bearing trees : apple, pear, peach, and cherry.

Of the many paths that branch out in the garden, one can be seen leading over to an area that has been setup for the purpose of weapons and combat training for the Chosen of the Temple. Targets and practice dummies are arranged in several places along with open spaces for those more inclined for working in pairs.

Mon Sep 16, 1329

It's early afternoon around the Temple, and Breanna is making her way out into the gardens, her pale gaze drifting over the area as she seems to be searching for someone. She turned over what news she had to only a few by now and is in search of the one chosen that she trusts the most in this place to go over it with him as well. A large silver she-wolf follows at her side, the claws of the animal heard across the ground at times. The ranger pauses for a moment to check the place out at a different angle, a faint breath escaping her while she shifts to push her bow up more upon her shoulder. Even with the dock battles been some weeks by she's still has her moments when soreness is felt, and after going tracking in the forest she is feeling it even more so at the moment. She looks to the canine next to her. "Where is yer friend?" Is questioned with a soft murmur, Aislinn tilts her head, the wolf glances one way and then another but at the moment has no clue where Merrick nor Grim may be it would seem.

The gardens outside of the Temple are typically a place of training for the Chosen, so Breanna certainly made the right choice in coming here…if today were any day but today, an especially holy day of prayer. Most of the Chosenare involved in the Temple instead, at some minor ceremony or other, but one in particular finished his earlier on in the day, and is the sole occupant of the garden training yard. He stands, resolute, a bulwark against the elements, his radiant armor shining in the sunlight like any picturesque knight could possibly hope for; his cloak stirs behind him in the breeze, and his helm is tucked neatly under one arm. His eyes, however, remain closed, and his lips part quickly and softly in some low murmuring - with Ignacious, it's likely a prayer.

Breanna did at one point in her life know more about the going ones within the Temple, though when her mother died that ended a lot time ago. The faint murmuring is caught and her pale gaze drifts towards the side to curiously watch the Chosen that is there. She recalls this one from before, the day she saw him and Merrick spare, which she didn't enjoy watching seeing how hurt her friend was at the time. She makes no move to go any further, she gets the idea now that something was going on that perhaps she should keep a bit quiet about now that is she is. Aislinn shifts forward a few steps, ears flicking forward as the large wolf moves in the direction that Ingnacious happens to be in order to snuffle out at him as a result.

As the wolf nears, and the perimeter of the Templar's perceptive bubble is penetrated, the prayer comes to an abrupt halt, as stern eyes open. "Back, beast!" the giantish man roars, suddenly, taking a step back with one leg, as he dons his helm. The chiseled face is lost into a a mask of steel, with only dark eye slits and perforated steel to see and speak from. No weapon is drawn, but to stand his ground, the leg he moved back does suddenly come back forward, stomping the ground in front of the wolf. When next his words ring out, they are hollowed and amplified, as though speaking through a metal tube. "I said BACK, Beast!"

Breanna smirks just a bit as she watches her wolf, and follows after it to get her to stop, though the damage has been done it would seem. The Ranger and her wolves have been at the Temple for some time, helping when able, and along with Brea getting healed from her aid when problems have happened in LakeTown. Aislinn is surprised at the sudden roar, she jumps backwards, hackles raised, a low growl escaping her. Breanna is there, sliding rather quickly in front of her wolf, her arms flung wide and hands open as she stands there before the Chosen. "Enough!" Is snapped out before she can catch herself, anger is bubbling and she is doing her best to keep it in check. "I'm sorry that she startled ye Chosen. She will cause ye nor anyone else any harm." Her words are spoken quickly, pale gaze narrowed as she watches the man before her, she may be in the temple, and he may be in armor but she will not stand down on this.

The helmet cannot narrow its eyes at her, but the way he leers down at her might well give the impression that it had. There is a brief pause, words being considered, and finally there comes another hollow, "….no. What is /enough/ is that we allow you to bring /beasts/ into this holy place," the knight growls, his voice resonating in a tinny sort of way. "Laketown has seen enough of monsters, be they beast or man. Which are you, girl? You who bring forth the wolf into the pen of sheep," comes the voice, as an army reaches up to grasp at the hilt of the bastard sword on his back, "And expect the shepherd to forgive the trespass?"

Breanna swallows just a moment as she continues that stare down with the helmeted Chosen before her. "Then I will take her and be out of yer way." Though she does not move to go, knowing very well not to turn her back on anyone that could possibly want to do her arm. "I have helped Laketown deal with such monsters, I would not be aiding any of the attackers." Her voice is firm as she says this. "The wolf is my family and she follows me, which is why she is here." The hand moving towards the sword hilt is caught and her form tenses while her arms slowly lower, she has nothing to try and stop a sword fight, even her hunting knife wouldn't be enough to help her in this moment as she knows very well this one can use a blade. "I have new for Merrick on the ones that attacked the Temple. I have been waiting to speak with him on the news." This could either be a good thing or a bad thing, seeing how Iggy think she could be against the town to start with. Aislinn hangs behind her person, a low rumbling growl escaping the wolf, hackles still raised.

The head never shifts from Breanna to the wolf, despite the growling…though if the eyes behind it do, it's impossible to tell. The voice, however, sounds as incredulous as it does menacing, spiced with mocking disbelief. "/You?/ What could an outsider like /you/ know of the attack on this city, if you were not in league with the villains? And what reason should I have to believe you would wish to defend it?" There is a long, slow /shhhhhink/ of scraping metal as the sword is withdrawn; impressive for a normal sized man, it somehow looks slightly small or at best a proper length for the knight before her. The blade is blackened, except along the sharpened edge; it looks as if it had been in a fire, and someone simply sharpened over it again. "Your words ring false, girl. And that you should bring the name of Brother Merrick into this at all, proof of your beguiling." A pause again. "Your control over beasts is unnatural as well. You…you're a witch, aren't you? Give me one good reason I shouldn't drag you before the Brothers for inspection, right now."

Breanna shifts slightly, her hand moving to rest upon the hilt of her hunting knife that is at her back. Once that sword is pulled her knife is as well but she never raises it in an attacking manner. "When someone needs help I help them, doesn't matter if I be an outsider or not." Her pale gaze flicks towards that blade noticing indeed how sharp it is before she is looking back towards the Chosen one which holds the weapon. "I never lie." Is stated, firm still firm and unwavering. She's never been one to back down from a fight, never been one to turn and flee that just isn't her style and even being faced by the armored sword holding man. "Brother Merrick is my friend, if ye feel I'm so false perhaps ye should speak with him, or yer Mother Superior even." She's fought with both of them after all. At the part of her being a witch she blinks once and then again before a low huff escapes her. "Yer joking Right?" She questions while eyeing him, a brow raised as if that was enough to lighten the moment. At the rest she smirks thinly. "What more reason then I information on the ones that attack the Temple would considered good? Ye have already brought forth yer so called flawed judgment on the situation." Right now is that moment where she wishes Merrick would appear that is for certain.

And indeed someone does appear! …but it is only a robed acolyte on her way from some task to the Temple. Once she sees the confrontation, though, she eeks, and dashes away, stumbling over the fold of her robe as she bends over the ground, catching herself on one hand and dropping a book, and scrambling to return to her feet and keep running…somewhere, away. Blades drawn just outside the Temple never bodes well, especially of late.

"Indeed, it is plain to my eyes," the deep metallic voice comes again, and the blade is leveled at Breanna's throat. "And as you have no intention of proving otherwise to me, I demand now that you disarm yourself, dispel your familiar, and submit yourself to the custody of the Temple. The /mothers/ will determine if you are touched by the blacker arts," he demands, the sword unmoving - there is no twitch, no uncertainty in its hold, no weakness of muscle or purpose in the arm that keeps it held. "This is not a request."

Breanna doesn't catch sight of the acolyte as her attention is fully upon the armed man still. "Never." The firm tone is lower, an edge brought up as the trust is just out the window. She's been lied to before, and so far this man has not made it easy on her for certain. "I have no reason to trust the likes of ye. I lower my blade and for all I know yer attack me out of spite." Her fingers grip firmly at her knife's handle. The wolf shifts at her back, moving forward to pause at her person's side, teeth bared at the Chosen that is threatening the Ranger. "Enough" Brea hisses out to Aislinn, which does cause the wolf the quiet down, and almost prove to Iggy that she does have some sort of control over the animal at her side. This Ranger just can't get a break at the moment. "Shove yer request." Is snapped off to the Brother.

"Your definace is proof enough," Sir Ignacious declares, and soon the big man is moving in, sword pulled back, ready to strike…and instead sends the blades' pommel out to crack over the girl's head instead. After all, it's best not to profane the Temple's grounds with the blood of witches!

Breanna has defiance from her life, everything she's had to do was a struggle, she's came close to dying more than a few times, and if it wasn't for her stubbornness then it is possible she would not be here at this moment in time. Her arm swings up, blade getting used to try and block the attack, which helps to soften the blow to some degree but not fully. She shifts slightly and the hit grazes the side of her head, her eyes half close at the feeling while she stumbles backwards to try and avoid backlash from the attack. Aislinn snarls out, shifting on her paws and her jaws snap out towards the Brother's ankle to try and get the man's attention off her person. This isn't going well in the least!

Ignacious' ankle is, thankfully, coated in two layers of hard steel. It's a bit difficult to get a firm grip on, so the wolf may well be flung off when Ignacious takes a moment to kick out with his leg, attempting to dislodge the thing, before he brings his sword up to rebut any attack made by the witch in the meantime…only to find that she has fallen back a pace. Iggy wastes no more words, holding his sword in one hand as he reaches out with the other…attempting to grasp onto the witch's wrist to throw her to the ground, or, barring getting a good grip, to just punch her in the head. Because really, this is about getting her to stop moving.

Aislinn is indeed kicked off and hits into one of the benches which causes the wolf to pause for a few moments. Breanna on the other hand isn't backing down; she swings up with her hand that holds onto the knife to lash out at the man's arm that holds the blade. As this happens her other hand is grabbed and she is yanked forward and the shoved back as a result. She is shoved backwards; the grip on her wrist is not good giving her time to attack back in the form of a hard kick towards the man's knee. Her attack is more at the side of his knee then the front of it seeing the angle she is at. As this happen there is the other hand swinging towards her face and catches her in the cheek as a result. There is a grunt at the hit and she falls backwards now, her head spinning at the hit. Though while she is down she is anything but out for the count just yet.

A glance is finally spared for the wolf, once the witch is down; when it doesn't look like she'll be attacking just yet, the helm turns its eye slits back to her. "Yeild now," he threatens, "Or forfeit your unclean life, witch! I care not which you choose!" he offers - pausing only to make the offer, and leveling a kick to spring forward towards her head should she decline.

Breanna sends a glance towards Aislinn before her gaze snaps back to the knight to just eye him. "Yer the one with the unclean life, attacking me for no damn reason!" She really is striking out here at all turns. Aislinn is about to leap forward to attack once more before a low whistle escapes Brea which causes the wolf to back up and hunker down on the floor. The Ranger still refuses, and as the kick is lashed out towards her she is quick to move to the side and sends a kick towards Ignacious's leg that he is stand on to try and get him off balanced.

His balance may indeed be thrown, but it is only slight - whereas, garbed as she is, to Breanna it probably has the same effect of kicking a brick wall with a bared foot. He stumbles, but the recovery is quick - almost as if more surprised that she's is fighting as tenaciously as she does. She is rewarded with the pommel of his sword coming crashing towards her again in a more definitive manner, quite intent on putting the matter to rest.

Breanna does indeed wish she didn't just kick him, there is pain felt in her leg but really what choice does she have in the matter? She swings back to try and get herself up and away though really she wasn't a match for this knight in any way, shape or form. As for his new 'attack' on her she is indeed hit and drops to the ground going limp but at least breathing, yep she's out for the count. Aislinn whines out as she watches this, the wolf unsure of what to do and hanging back for the moment.

Sir Ignacious breathes heavily for a moment…likely more out of breath for having to move so suddenly under the weight of all of his armor; spry, agility-based fighters always take a lot out of him, even if he doesn't suffer much in the way of wounding. To the wolf, he spares a glance, but before he can do anything more, a trio of other chosen come running up, alerted to the need for arms by some fleeing acolyte…

What follows is a short conversation about the girl, and the necessity of bringing her in for questioning. Glances are exchanged between the Chosen - Ignacious' reputation is well known - but in the end they comply, because…well, what else is there to do at this point? One of them attempts to lead the wolf to a kennel; should it flee, though, they would simply attempt to corral it out of the city instead. The others go to prepare a bed for healing, and a dungeon cell for the girl to wait in once she is well enough…Ignacious himself is the one to lift her, after he sheathes his sword, and unceremoniously throws her over a shoulder, and carries her off to the infirmary…

Aislinn attempts to run at first, to follow after Breanna, as well that is her person, her alpha, her everything and she has always been by her side. In the end she is kenneled and is left howling for a good amount of the day. As a result there will be a brown wolf roaming just outside the Temple, answering the howls of the trapped one. Breanna is out cold and unable to do anything, so she is hauled up and carted off as a result of it. From helping the Temple, to being offered to join as a Chosen to this.. Laketown has proven to be nothing but heart ache to this Ranger.

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