Wolveshire Harvest Feast

Wolveshire Harvest Feast
Summary: The festival Feast, coordinated by Princess Fayre and Princess Amira
Date: 17/Oct/2013
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Wolveshire - Tournament Grounds
A green field is the setting for the tournament grounds in the shadow of Wolveshire Castle. There's the list for the jousting, as well as room for pavilions of the various participants in the tournaments. A cold steel rail has been put up to keep the lower stands, meant for the commoners, from the area for the participants. There's also a higher stands for members of nobility and other very important people to enjoy the events from, with more comfortable seating and a better view.
To the north, one can get back to the road between the town and the Castle
October 17 1329

t is a slightly cool yet rather nice fall day at the tournament grounds that are found near Wolveshire Castle. The grounds have been done up for the feast and festival that is being held today. There are tents laid out here and there across the grounds, some selling items, others set up as games for all ages to play. The games themselves range from ring toss, horse shoes, darts, and even one set up as a drinking contest tent for some point during the night to be held there.

Tables are sent up off to the side which allows people to sit at for the feast itself. The tables themselves are covered in a 'fall' sort of theme, dark browns, reds and gold runners are found across the tables, along with gold plates, silverware and the like. Within the center of the tables are found small baskets with fall flowers, little pumpkins and other decorations. The feast itself is all foods normally found within fall, a fire-pit is set up off to the side which has different meats being cooked that servants will deliver along with other foods to the tables once everyone is sitting at the tables themselves.

There is also a dance floor set up off to the side, a group of musicians sit near it and offers light music throughout the night, along with plenty of music for everyone to go about dancing to. In the end this is a time for everyone to come together, the colors from both Taniford and Rhaedan are found here and there but nothing out in the open and pressing to show that everyone is the same and that hopefully everyone gets along and above all else has fun.

<ROLL> Fayre rolls for a 50/50 chance. The result is failure. (47)
<ROLL> Isold rolls for a 50/50 chance. The result is failure. (39)

There is plenty of talk, shouts, laughs and general everyone seems to be having a fun time. Which is what this festival, feast is for after all! Fayre is one of the people that is having a bit of fun it seems, the young princess is over at the tent that has the 'ring toss' game and is trying her hand at the game once more Meaning yes she failed the first time and is getting another chance! A set of dark blue and gold rings rests within her left hand, one also rests within her right while she leans forward just a bit as she tries to eye the distance before tossing the ring. The ring itself sails past the bottle as she doesn't get anywhere near the bottle that is there. A soft laugh escapes her while she leans back a moment. "Well this isn't a very fun game." She is grinning though to show she is joking. The young princess has on a hunter green dress with gold trim across the neck that runs down across the bodice which is a touch snug and rather form fitting. The skirt of the dress runs down and is slightly flowing but nothing that fancy from the look of it. Her hair is pulled back in a braid, a set of dark blue and gold ribbon, at her neck rests a thin leather cord which holds a simple arrow charm that someone seems to have made for the young princess.

A wisp of a maid holds rings as a lady in a light green satin gown tosses them towards the neck of wine bottles, Isold is a tall woman with the slightest of curves in her fitted gown; light blue velvet lines her sleeves and matches the thick leather girdle that cinches her waist neatly. She shifts uncomfortably, wiggling the leather strapped to her waist as a ring hits and skitters off the top of the bottle.

"Bugger it all," she grumbles to herself as she quickly tosses off the rest of the rings she takes from, Becca, her servant-sailor's hands. "I've never been too good at these sorts of games, I don't know why I thought I would be now," Lady Isold Breaktide says to the servant at her side. Light green-blue eyes search the crowd as she turns from the tent, the ribbons at the end of her hair catching a breeze and flailing against her back. She looks uncomfortable and out of place as she walks by noblewoman, clearly much taller than they are, nodding respectively to those who choose to acknowledge her.

Out upon the dance floor a laugh spills within the music and murmuring of talk that occurs near there. A splash of silver amongst the dancers being twirled for a moment. The skirt of Elenore's dress flaring just a little with the movement, a smile going to Lyam within the laugh his comment had drawn from her. His arm circling her waist as he moves to lead her from the dance floor with the conclusion of the current song, the next already starting up. "A break and some wine, m'Lady?" To which Elenore does nod, a smile yet had for him,"Aye, aye…I need to catch my breathe after that and I am of thirsty."

Princess Rhaedan, the youngest of the Northern kingdom, has decided against the games at this point, having secured a spot at a table near the musicians. Her foot is actually tapping along with it as her fingers drum the beat against her wine goblet, which is half full and lends to the fact that she's nearly had a full cup to herself - if not more. She's wearing a glamorous evening style aphrodite caftan dress, brown flowing material with trim of red and a thick empire waist sinched elaborately in the middle by a celtic emblem, representing her house in some manner or form. Her hair is full and long, left loose and swept back in soft curls, while she has a handscrafted laurel crowing her head with bold red leaves in amongst the weaves of golden grasses. She smiles as she watches Elenore and Lyam leading off the stage, clapping in tune with the others as the song comes to an end.

A flash of red hair can be seen in between the throngs of people coming down from the castle to join in the festivities. Blue silk and red hair finally can be seen as Tamara Taniford, recently returns from her home in Lohstren. Thankfully the Taniford cousin has managed to change out of her traveling cloths into a sapphire gown with a golden silk sash. Slippers did not seem fitting for festival grounds so the hint of black riding boots can be seen from under the hem of her dress.
The steward looks confused as she peeks about the festival, seemingly looking for something in particular. Her deep blue eyes scan the crowd as she stops and stands near the edge of the dance floor.

The Lady of Auldhome and Champion of the Archery tournament finally arrives to the celebrations. Cassia is dressed for the occasion in her own family colours. A dress of purple satin split and laced down the front to reveal a grey undergown. A golden belt of small gauntlets incircles her waist. She looks about the Tournament grounds taking in the festivities for the moment before she notices the Princess Rhaeden and makes her way to the young woman. As she approaches she dips a curtsey. "It seems the faire of the princesses has gone very well so far."

Fayre looks amused as she casts a glance over to Isold, a soft chuckle escaping her and she winks to a girl that is behind her and soon offers up the rings she has left. "Well, I think I'm done with this for the moment. Try your luck at it perhaps?" She questions before brushing her hands off as she turns to look over everyone that is to be found her and about. "So far so good" She murmurs with a soft tone, mostly to herself as she is glad that so many have turned out for the festival.

There are men at the event as well. At least one! Corwin actually arrives alongside his young squire. Without even his usual warning about early morning practices, he waves the boy away and he quickly weaves into the crowd to find other guests his age.

The tall Sollinger knight has cleaned up well enough for the grand event. His pants and shirt are matched in Sollinger green, trimmed with gold detailing. The shirt buttons three-quarters of the way down his front and is tied with an elaborate green and gold belt at his waist. Tall styled boots nearly reach his knee and finish off the outfit. With his squire gone, Corwin navigates into the crowd, nodding and tucking bows to others as he passes and finding himself a cup of red wine to keep his right hand well occupied.

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The musicans strike up another song, a woman coming to the forefront to sing the soft pleasant song of joy. — [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDKs697t6Rw&list=PL7F4F5CFA2557A23E]

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With Lyam moving off to fetch the pair some wine, Elenore's dark gaze takes in the many who have turned out and lands upon the nearby Princess. A few light and gliding steps carry her over towards the northern woman, giving a respectful curtsey and bow of her head as she draws nearer,"A evening of goodness to you, Princess Amira. It is turning to be a most festive eve, aye? I hope you have been enjoying yourself yet?" A light smile touching her lips as she notes light and jokingly,"Least this trip things are more festive and not always within the walls of the castle, as fine as it might be."

Elenore's Outfit (reversed colours)"


Amira cannot help but see the curtsey from the corner of her eyes. She barely manages to not spill her wine as she suddenly stands up and rushes Cassia not to curtsey, instead, looping her arm about the other with a joyful merriment, as the musicans offer a simple peaceful ambiance for atmosphere. "Lady Cassia! My very own Champion!" Has Amira been too much in the wine already? Well, by the blush on her cheeks, that's quite possible! She steps back from the woman, "Yes! There's no blood or fighting, so I can say it's gone pleasantly well!" She starts to sway to the music that floats up from the bards, "Mm, isn't that pleasant!" And it's a song that can be swayed too by one's self, possibly just an intermission song by the sounds of it as there's a few changes going on.

Not exactly dressed for a celebration, Pawel has made his way down from the castle, at least. He's got a bottle of wine in his hand, and takes a long sip from it as he looks around, looking like he's about to consider heading back out the way he came now.

But, before Amira can enjoy the song further, there's another curtsey happening near her that has her spin and her skirts floating about her, "Oh! Lady Elenore! How pleasant to see you and your husband out enjoying this festival!" She bows her head to acknowledge the woman, aswering with a smile rather too big for her usual self, it's the wine! It's the wine! "Hah! yes of course! Have you met my sweet Lady Champion Cassia?" She gestures toward Cassia and then tells Cassia, "and this is the beautiful Lady Elenore." See, she can totally do this diplomatic thing!

Making way to the area where the nobles are dancing, Isold takes a flask from her servant and sips from the contents, waving off the servant who offers her wine. "Why would I want that horse piss when I have rum?" She mumbles to her servant who shrugs, stifling a giggle with her hand. "What? It's true!" Isold sighs as the tune changes and woman sings along with the music.

Lady Cassia cannot help but laugh at the enthusiasm in which she is greeted by the princess."It is good to see you happy Amira. You both have done well with these event." She casts a look around as she shifts to stand beside the princess. It is then she notices the southern Lady that has approached and introductions are being made. Cassia extends a gloved hand to the woman. "It is a pleasure to meet you Lady Elenore. What do you think of what he princesses have achieved together?" She motions to the grounds and then notices the sneaking Pawel and waves to the man.

Still looking consfused for a moment, Tamara then smooths her features into a calm look, though a hint of disapointment can be seen. She turns away from the dancers and the musician and captures a glass of red wine from a passing offer as she runs a hand through her curls. The sight of the northern princess causes the wayward steward to raise her eyebrow before she catches sight of the Duke of Wolfshire, "Your grace?" She says quietly and starts in his direction giving Elendor and Amira a small smiling in passing, "Such lovely festivities for me to have returned too."

<ROLL> Amira rolls for a 50/50 chance. The result is success. (56)
<ROLL> Amira rolls her Singing skill at a Normal difficulty: Success (0.1)

"Aye, a chance to dance was not a thing to be passing up for us." Nevermind the social proticals. Elenore turning slightly towards the Lady Cassia as introductions are made,"I beleive we have not formally met, though some passing moments in your last visit. It is of a pleasure to finally be of meeting you proper, Lady Cassia," giving the offered hand a gentle and airy shake. Before eyes drift back to the festivities,"It is a delightful event, and is of a fine step and work."

"The wallets of two kingdoms combine to put on a feast, and you bring your own booze." Corwin is grinning when he speaks to Isold. He spotted the tall Breakwater woman easily enough amongst the crowd and navigated toward her with easy strides. He catches the short exchange about rum just as he arrives, dipping into a respectful bow to the island woman. "Evening, Lady Isold. You look stunning. How is the night treating you so far?" The Sollinger knight seems to be sincere enough in his compliment, a friendly smile on his lips.

She near chokes on her drink as the voice comes from behind. "Aye. They don't have rum that I can see, do they?" She looks around with a bit of a grin as she turns to face the man. "No. I do not. I drink wine when I have no rum, you see. I have rum, so I will leave the wine." She looks at her gown, straightens a crease in the light green fabric, almost habitually, and wiggles the leather girdle once more. "Stunning eh? You're a flatterer, Sir Corwin, through and through. How do I fare? I fare as well as a pony out for show. For sale! To the highest bidder!" Isold laughs a rough laugh before returning the man's smile with a bit of a grin. "What of you, how do /you/ fare?"

Princess Amira tips her head, "Thank you for the compliments. We wanted to show that North and South -could- indeed work well together. It is a hope for the future, to bring a chance to the present. Though I'm disappointed mine own kin did not attend." The border was completely of no consequence! She's here afterall, protected by guest rights and her duty of ambassador. There's a wave given to her by the musicians and her eyes widen. There's a reason she's been loitering around them for the past while. She bobs her head to the two ladies, "Please excuse me. I'm needed." She nods toward the stage, deciding to down her wine before tossing it aside Wolveshire style. She learned that one from the Duke! She steps around them with the material of her dress floating behind her steps, almost too slowly for her quick steps. Then she's speaking quietly to the musicians before taking the place with the other woman who sang the last song. She's totally not doing this alone, though she's taking the lead. The music starts off with a soft flute introduction. There's no fancy announcements that the Princess is singing, she's just doing it. It's a song that some might have heard, a story about the forest sprites that those with the connection to the land might better know than others. ( If you wish to listen: [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E52rxz2sjRs&list=PL7F4F5CFA2557A23E] )

Pawel still looks like he's about to depart again, but for now, he remains where he's been standing. Taking another long sip from the wine bottle as he shakes his head a little bit now. Listening to the singing, it would seem.

"The highest bidder, is it? I'm not a rich man. But, I'll see what coin I can muster." Corwin quips, shaking his head. "I wouldn't call myself a flatterer. Only that I'm happy to say what I see. I wouldn't just outright lie to you. I don't have it in me. Once you start lying to someone you have to keep doing it day after day. It's tiresome." The Sollinger knight is distracted briefly from his conversation with Isold when the northern princess takes the stage and begins to sing. It's not the first time he has heard the voice. "She's good." He comments, turning his attention back to Isold. "I'm well enough. It's a perfect evening for this sort of thing. Everyone seems to be in good cheer and light of heart. I was a bit nervous it might be a stuffy affair."

"Indeed my last visit was too short and I did not get a chance to socialize such as this." Cassia responds to the lady Elenore and looks to the grounds once more. "It will be through the young our kingdoms will unite and form harmonious bonds." As the Princess departs and takes the stage, Cassia turns her gaze to watch the young woman clasping her hands together in contentment. "This has been a wonderful event for the princesses, to see them play and enjoy themselves though to serious ends."

Tamara smiles as Amira rushes off to sing and then nods her head once to Elenore before moving towards Pawel. Her green skirt is lifted up as she moves a touch quicker but tries to make it look casual, "I did not find you in the castle your grace." She says with a small hint of a smile turning up the corners of her lips, "I did not realize Princess Amira could sing so well." She comments off hand and then her eyes pass over Pawel's whole bottle of wine before settling on her cup and she takes a small sip, looking a touch nervous now.

"Ha!" Isold says, swatting at the Sollinger knight. "Hurry, there might be other bidders for this tall woman," she laughs a bitter laugh nodding to his words. "I know, but it does not hurt one to have a bit of fun, do you not agree?" She asks, sipping from the flask she still holds in her hands. "Besides, I have to find some sort of cheer, fortune does not smile upon me as of late, you know this." She turns away listening briefly as the princess sings. "Aye. It is lovely, sure beats my shanties," Isold turns away and winks at Corwin. "It is cool enough, I'll agree. It seems jolly enough, but I cannot stay as such without good reason, not while those bloody bastards have my Bitch," Isold grumbles.

"Aye, it did not seem that you and Sir Alek were here for long the last time," comments Elenore. "It is a shame he did not come this time. Though I was most pleased to be of seeing Lord Castor and Sir Cerberus at the archeyr contest. And aye, it is how it oft is, the young of being more open at times." A warm smile goes to Lyam when the young Lord returns with the wine he'd sought for the pair. Elenore taking up the goblet he offers, the hand freed soon finding it's way to Elenore's waist. "Lady Cassia, this is my husband, Lord Lyam. Lord Lyam, Lady Cassia." The young man giving a charming smile as he bows his head,"A fine pleasure, Lady Cassia."

With Amira taking to the stage and taking a turn at singing, the pair also turn their attention there as well. Elenore giving a ffaint nod,"I have seen such of both, it is of nice to see them light hearted again, aye. She does sing well, I had enjoyed hearing it before." A warm smile and nod going towards Tamara when the Steward is noticed as the woman moves on to join with Pawel.

Pawel pauses as he hears that voice, a smile in place as he turns to Tamara. "I…" he begins, before he adds, "When did you get back?" A smile as he looks around again for a few moments, then takes another sip of his wine. "They make the bottles too small, don't they?"

The fact that Amira manages to get through the song without fainting or becoming defeated by stage fright is completely amazing. Although the song -isn't- complex and doesn't require much in the way of mastery to sing it. It's a ballad that sounds as if it was practiced a thousand times over. As it comes to an end with a sorrowful ebbing, she curtsey's to the audiance before she raises her hand for the musicians, applauding for them as well and getting those around her involved in the appreciation of good music. The bards waste no time in getting things lively again, as Amira steps off the stage, having stood up to bow to her but the blushes of wine and self consciousness have her departing the stage as swiftly as she can. The bard share laughter and merriment between them as their wine cups keep flowing as the source to good music. Their instruments are tuned, as they begin to get right into the explosive jig, dubbed the dance of dragons - a jig that any aristocrat could dance to and love. That leaves Amira to float back toward the edge of the stage, her big part of the event over. And yay, not everyone heard it! She's glad for that fact, but she does look around to see where those she knows had drifted toward, smiling as she notes a Knight here that she knows and a Duke there that has emerged from his royal hermit hole to show himself. There was a Steward in the mix too and so many noble ladies and lords!

[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eV1xumzX8dE] for dance of the dragons.

"I understand that you're not likely in the spirit of celebration. Once we have her back we'll have to see about another feast. Or at least a bunch of friends at one of the local Inns." Corwin replies to Isold, taking a healthy swallow of the wine and emptying his cup. The timing is excellent, as a servant arrives to take the empty and hand him a full cup. He listens to the Princess sing for another moment and then eyes the ring toss game that is not so far away from where they stand. "You try out the ring toss?" He wonders. "They're rigged, I'm sure of it." When the song comes to an end, the knight is certain to applaud Amira's effort.

"Just this afternoon your grace." Tamara answers Pawel and returns his smile and her head bobs in a practiced movement, "I do apologize for not being able to tell you sooner of my arrival, I left home rather quicker than expected and feared I would beat any courier." Her smile falters a moment before it is quickly put back in place, "I do hope everything has been going smoothly in my absence, though from the looks of this all has been better than expected." The red head brings her hands together in applause with the others as Amira's song ends.

"Alas he had duties to the elder princess and could not attend this time. He was very regretful on that accord." Cassia responds to the subject of Sir Alek. "I hope to meet more people this time, we are both on a mission this time. We are two nations but in so much we have common goals." Cassia responds to the lady before she is introduced to her husband. She curtsies lightly and extend a hand to the man. "A pleasure to meet you as well My Lord. May the night find you merry." As the song ends Cassia raises gloved hands in applause to the entertainment.

"There you are with the 'we,' again," Isold smirks, "perhaps -we- would celebrate on the boat for a week with whomever helped us." Isold claps as Amira finishes, clapping a bit longer for the minstrels. She lifts her flask to her lips and takes a hearty swallow. Her eyes trail toward the tent where the ringtoss is held. "That bloody thing? I lost too many times to count. Give me an axe and I'll shatter the lot," she giggles lightly. "Would you like to try, I could suffer to watch you do as such?"

"Oh, that is true, he was seeing after her when he last came. And I heard there was a Sir Kameron in the group who has a hand with sketching, but I have not chance to meet with him of yet. Hopefully I shall have the chance before you all must depart, as Princess Amira said he had some skill." Elenore drawing a sip of wine from the goblet as Lyam extracts himself from his wife long enough to take up Cassia's hand and place a light and gallant kiss to the back of the gloved hand with a bit of a bow. "And may the night bring you much merriment as well, Lady Cassia." The Lord seeking to clap aorund the goblet as wine as does Elenore as the Princess finishes up the song. And the livlier tune is taken up. The young once Varghem gives a look to his wife, a look that has Elenore noding,"Aye, m'Lord." Before looking to Cassia with an incline of her head,"If you will excuse us, Lady Cassia, the dance floor is of becking to us once more. " Waiting for a few moments before she is swept off again to the dance floor by Lyam. The pair spending much of the remaining evening within dance before slipping off at some point during the festivities.

"Well, it's good that you're back," Pawel replies, before he adds, "And there's been no major catastrophes for once." Pausing as he hears the end of the song, and he starts to applaud. "Well done! Well done!" Draining the last of his wine now.

<ROLL> Corwin rolls for a 50/50 chance. The result is failure. (31)
<ROLL> Isold rolls for a 50/50 chance. The result is failure. (47)

As the Lord and Lady take to the dance floor, Cassia moves through the crowd. Short little conversations held with this person or another before she finds herself with Pawel and Tamara. "Good evening you grace." She says first to Pawel before turning her gaze to the Lady, "And to you Milady. How are you enjoying the festivities tonight?" She inquires as she looks back to the dancing and merriment being enjoyed by a great many.

Amira looks absently back at the pairs that are heading onto the dance floor, a wistful look that follows them there but as none come to offer her a step or a turn on the floor, she draws further into the crowd. There's other things to do now that she's free of her commitment. Like, grab another wine goblet as it's offered to her. She spots her Lady Champion making her way toward the Duke and starts to wander that way as well. Why not. Prowling through the nobles that wish of her to stop, she's eventually gaining ground there in that respect. The clink of the ring toss has her look that way, smirking as she sees a few trying to win a prize, shaking her head at how difficult that was indeed. Then it's over toward Cassia, Pawel, and Tamara. "Evening," she dips her head, "Your Grace, I must thank you for allowing us to convert your grounds into this wonderful autumn feast." Her gaze flicks absently toward Tamara, smiling as she nods to her, then an impish look for Lady Cassia. There's something behind that look that Cassia would know, the others, unlikely.

"Suffer? Is my tossing so terrible?" Corwin comments and approaches the game, taking one of the rings in his left hand (his right is busy with the wine cup) and sending it spinning toward the target. He at least strikes the target, but near the very bottom - the ring was not even close to wrapping around. "See. Fixed. No doubt here just to make us feel bad. Or drunk. Maybe both." The knight shakes his head and instead focuses on his wine cup again.
You paged Cassia with 'that she's going to play the game… do something risky :D'

Tamara lowers her hands to her sides and nods her head to Pawel, "A pleasure to hear duke Pawel that for once nothing was destroyed." The Taniford Steward attempts a wary smile once again to the duke. The meeting rather formal and awkward so far for two betrothed people. Lady Cassia's arrival gives the woman respite as she nods her head stiffly to the northerner, "Oh they are very enjoyable. I fear I am not as lively as I ought to be in such a setting having traveled rather far." The princess' arrival brings another smile to the steward's lips as she returns the nod and does not catch the meaning of the glance between the other two woman at all.

Isold tosses another ring as well, sighing as it bounces off the rim of another bottle. "Aye. I tend to agree." The man running the game protests slightly, but Isold ignores him with a flick of her wrist. "I think I'd rather get drunk, in all honesty." True to form she lifts the flask to her lip, emptying the contents in her gullet and tossing the flask to her ever-present servant. She wiggles her fingers for another of the little flasks, Becca hesitantly hands another off to the woman.

Pawel pauses for a few moments as both Cassia and Amira come over. "Princess Amira, Lady Cassia," he greets them momentarily. "I hope the two of you are enjoying yourselves?" A brief pause, before he offers a momentary grin to Tamara. "Probably much less expensive too," he remarks, words a bit more light now. Looking around for a few moments, "I guess I need some more wine…"

"I might take opportunity to dance if such was asked. I fear the men fear someone who might shoot their toes for dancing poorly." Cassia jests with good humour in her voice. She inclines her head to Tamara, "That I understand, travel can be weary. Perhaps there will be another bit of revelry in the future that you will be more rested for." As Amira joins the group, Cassia curtsies to her princess before rising. There is a knowing smile for that look. She looks to Pawel and nods, "Emmensly your grace. I hope you are finding some measure of enjoyment from the event as well. I hope to garner some support for an idea I have and want you in good spirits to recieve it."

"A worthy endeavour." Corwin replies, lifting his own glass of wine in a quiet toast. "Before you're too many flasks into it, perhaps we should wander over and exchange a word or two with … at least one of the hostesses." This last is noted as he looks around the crowd and is eventually able to spot Amira in amongst the group of other nobles. "Or that's what I'm going to do, anyway. No obligation to follow." The knight begins to meander his way across the field toward where group has gathered, though he's not in any particular hurry.

Amira nods at Pawel, "Yes of course Your Grace. I hope you are as well. There's plenty of games, dancing, excitement, and…" she notes to his empty hand, "drinking." Her eyes switch over toward Tamara, nodding to her as well, "My Lady." She smiles back over at Cassia, then suggests grandly, "Duke Pawel, would you be so kind as to dance with my Lady Champion Cassia? What she has to say might interest you."

Accompanied by a chaperone, Myrana D'Armaz has had the good fortune to be in Wolveshire, passing the night in an Inn when the feast takes place. Hearing about it, she couldn't resist, and so arrived a little while ago in a fine kirtle of merlot lambswool trimmed in black, her charcoal hair plaited down her back. Watching the dancing, she smiles to herself, enjoying the spectacle of so many beautifully dressed people moving about like tropical birds. Content for the moment to listen to the music, she stands grateful to be out of the saddle till the morning, eyes on the dancers while her thoughts happily drift.

"Before /I/ get too far into it. If I remember correctly, sir, it was you who fell asleep on the deck, not I." Isold scoffs a little, following the man as he makes way towards Amira. "I suppose I could come along," her eyes find where he's heading, "you did tell me I should meet this Princess, no?"

Fayre had been pulled away for a short time there, well she is part of the reason why this is going on so she had to help with a few things. Though now she is back and making her way onwards towards where a small group can be found where a few Tanifords are milling about at. A warm smile and nod is seen once she has paused near Princess Amira. "Good afternoon everyone, Cousin, Lady Tamara, Princess Amira, Lady Cassia. How is everyone enjoying this lovely afternoon so far?" Hopefully everyone is having fun.

"Wonderful song your highness." Tamara says to Amira giving her a curtsy finally and smiling to Cassia, "Oh a dance, I am sure his grace is more then willing to partake in the festivities." She touches Pawel's arm lightly at this and gives him a small smile.

There's a brief pause as he hears that, and Pawel looks around for a few moments. Looking about to say something, his attention is taken as Fayre makes her way over. "Cousin. It's been… well enough, I believe…" Another brief pause as he hears Tamara's words as well, before he lets out a bit of a breath. "A dance…" Spoken a little quietly, as he nods a bit now. "Of course…"

"I did say that. And you should. Really, everyone should likely meet everyone, but if you're going to pick someone in particular, this is a fine option." Corwin approaches the fast growing mob of guests and slips in amongst them. He happens to arrive at the group about the same time that Fayre does, which no doubt takes all the attention away from him. He seems content with that, however, hanging around the edge and sipping his wine while he taps his foot to the latest tune that's being played.

As Princess Fayre joins the little group, Cassia dips a curtsey. "You seem to be enjoying yourself your Highness as are many others. You both do great service to both our realms this week." She inclines her head to Pawel "I am hoping to steal his grace for a dance if he allows." As he consents, she dips her head to the others and lets Pawel lead her to the dance floor. "What I have in mind for the prize money from the Archery competition is something I would hope to get further support on from the houses of both realms." She starts her conversation.

"Too true, I suppose I should be rallying for some help with my, err… matter." Isold slides in with Corwin, nodding and smiling crookedly at those who greet her. "So many people," Isold remarks as she settles in at his side, even though she towers over most of the women, Amira is easily spotted.

Amira smiles at Tamara, "Thank you. Sad to say I didn't write it, I just learned how to sing it My Lady." Her eyes flicker over toward Pawel, a nod to him as she steps out of the way, anticipating that he'll be pressured into it. Blue eyes pass from figure to figure, deciding this a good point to take another long swig of her wine. Mmm how wine makes things alot easier to get through! Once she pulls her goblet away, she tips it slightly away from her curiously puckered lips, smiling but in that devious sort of way that indicates mischief, "Wonderful Your Highness." That's her cue to step back from the group, her free arm coming up to hug her waist as she watches from behind the rim of her goblet. Observing with some intrigue in her gaze, lingering on Cassia as she starts to speak to Pawel about the plans. Abruptly quiet in the mix of all.

Myrana glances up as someone slips into the crowd of spectators next to her, her gaze caught and drawn by the streak of white in the man's hair. She smiles in greeting. "It's much safer a bit back," she says. "Some of these dances have a terrible habit of spinning." As Isold approaches she smiles again.

Tamara curtsies to the southern princess as another royal arrives, "Your highness." She says quietly and smiles as her eyes follow the duke and Lady Cassia out to the dance floor, "It will be good for him." She says to no one in particular before turning back to Fayre, "It is a pleasant evening princess and a pleasure to be back in Wolfshire."

Fayre lets her gaze curiously follow after Cassia and Pawel as the pair move off for a dance? Though she gets the feeling that indeed there is something more than just a dance. She ponders for a moment before letting her gaze settle back to both Corwin and Isold, warm smile is offered to them both. "There is a good many people here, and if I do say they all seem to be having a good time." Which is fine thing to have at something like this that is for certain.

The music continues to play once more make their way out upon the dance area, it is a nice little tune nothing all that quick and easy enough that everyone should be able to slip right into the dance with ease.

"Most of those dancing right now seem to have an idea what they're doing. The spectators can start to be concerned if I make my way out there at some point. I'm liable to throw my partner into the crowd or slip into it myself. I've never quite figured out how everyone doesn't collide with everyone else." Corwin flashes a grin, catching Myrana's gaze and comments. Then he inclines a polite bow from a distance toward Fayre when he catches the smile directed toward himself and Isold. It's the best he can manage given the number of bodies between himself and the princess.

She pays Myrana a brief smile before turning her attentions to Fayre, she curtsies awkwardly in the gown she wears. "Your highness," Isold says with a cheery enough tone. "It has been… enjoyable. Well. As enjoyable as it can be for me, well done." She watches as the Duke heads off, going towards the dance floor and nods to Corwin's words. "It is different on an open deck with no one in your way. Then again, I never partnered with…" Isold sneers, "my former crew."

There's a brief pause as he leads the way to the dance floor, and then Pawel raises an eyebrow for a few moments at Cassia's words. "Really? How so?" he asks, after a few brief moments now.

Amira has actually snuck out from the gathering of lords, ladies, and other known figures. She's good at that, when times call for it. She didn't realize anyone was seeking her out, so she's off with that brown dress floating behind her. She doesn't go far, just to a bale of straw that's been set by one of the game tents, deciding on that random spot from which she can people watch. Or, avoid falling over. One of the two. She plays with her laurels, as a piece of it seems to have loosened and threatens to fall off. Oopsies.

Cassia seems fairly graceful to the dance, and is content to dance a few moments before continuing her pitch. "In the Archery tournament we had nobles and common folk competing together and showing fine skill in doing so." She starts as she moves across the floor with the Duke. "I would wish to donate the prize to providing archery equipment and training to the townfolk of Laketown. With attacks from Air and water, we need to equip people with the tools to defend themselves and our kingdoms. A knight's sword will not slay a creature flying over head, but a well placed arrow might." Not that the Lady is Biased or anything.

"It's never been my favourite thing," Myrana agrees wrily. "More, it seems a prerequisite to— ah!" She suddenly alights on something and brightens, looking past Corwin as she seems to realize what it was that was tugging at her mind. "Lady, do you happen to be Isold Breaktide?

With a nod of her head to the other ladies as Pawel dances, Tamara finishes off her glass of wine and sets it down on a table, "If you will excuse me I find I am a touch more tired then I thought. The festivities look wonderful your highnesses." She compliments before taking her leave, moving up towards the castle.

"Must be nice to be famous." Corwin teases Isold, a grin on his lips as the Sollinger knight steps back so that Myrana and Isold are able to speak easily. "I'm going to chase down the Princess. I'll track you down shortly. I think you still owe me a dance tonight." That said, Corwin slips away from the group and strolls over to where Amira has set herself down on a bale. He tucks a bow to the northern princess when he arrives, following her people watching gaze for a moment before say - "Good evening, Highness."

Fayre sends a curious glance after Amira, there is a moment of pondering before she lets her attention turn back to the ones near her. A soft smile and nod is sent to both Corwin and Isold. "I am ever so glad to hear that." This said to Isold. There is a moment when another voice rings in and she sends a glance to Myrana, a brow lifting but that is it while she listens in on the bit of conversation around her.

Who would associate a Princess with a lone figure sitting on a bale of straw! She should've been safe from having to delight in the company of others here so she could watch the proceedings without having to remember to smile. Thus, it comes as a little bit of a surprise that she's been noticed, having tried to steal away from that larger group, mingling with her wine over them it would seem. Amira's gaze travels up toward Corwin as he offers a bow and greets her, staying for some time on his face with a delayed response. Expressionless for that brief moment before she allows a timid smile to show, "Sir Corwin, you're here." A surprise? Maybe. "Are you enjoying your time?" She looks out at the others, from the bustling motions of people on the dance floor, to those walking by with prizes tucked up under their arms, and still others who are grouped with their heads together.

Pawel nods a little, although he raises his eyebrows slightly, as he continues with the dancing. "True, but would that not be a matter to discuss with the Guilds and the Temple up there?" he asks, after a few moments of pause. Looking a little thoughtful at the moment.

Myrana curtseys politely as Corwin takes his leave, and then returns her attention to Isold. "Mistress," she says with a smile. "Myrana D'Armaz, at your service." To anyone who deals with sea trade, it would be a family name that's immediately familiar; Abrahm D'Armaz is the Guildsmaster of the Merchant's Guild. She brushes the hair from her face with an absent gesture. "I was hoping to find you in Wolveshire, though I gave up when I didn't see your ship at the docks." Glancing past Isold toward Fayre, she hesitates, and colours slightly. "Oh, er— I'm sorry," she says, looking as though she's caught herself barreling ahead before her own manners. "I didn't mean to interrupt."

"Of course." Corwin replies, following Amira's gaze out across the field for a moment before turning to regard the Princess once again. "It's an impressive event. I'm glad I'm able to attend. Everyone seems to be having an excellent time." He pauses a moment, then goes on. "I won't interrupt your solitude for too long. I just wanted to pay my respects. It's not always easy to catch a few words with you."

"Indeed that I will, but such would be helped by supports on both sides of the border." Cassia responds to Pawel. It is then the music ends, "Just do think about it, I hope we can discuss this more soon." With those words Cassia slips back into the crowd to take a spin with another nobleman for the next dance.

"Ah. Well met, mistress," Isold nods at the recognition of the name. "I knew your father, Abrahm, well. It has been many moon since I've talked to him, however." Her chatter ends when she speaks of not seeing her ship docked. "You did not see my ship in Laketown, mistress, because my crew has stolen it from me. Well, they cornered Becca and I on the ship and threatened my life if I didn't take their small pittance of coin, the dingy, and what little belongings I had left on the ship," Isold sniffs, "I'll find those bloody bastards," she says with a sigh. She smiles briefly to Fayre before taking a sip out of her flask. "I am ever happy to be able to say as much, your highness."

Amira nods with a semblance of joy encroaching just long enough on her features to make it seem believable. Of course, her gaze travels back to Corwin shortly, "You're fine," she tells him as he hesitates to occupy her time, "I just needed to sit for a while." She could've picked a better spot, at like one of the tables, not somewhere out of the way. Her dress isn't so fancy for a reason, so she can blend right in when she wanted to. "Perhaps, yet I beg to differ, as you said it yourself you're always on the field of battle," she lets her one arm fold across her lap, "Thank you Corwin," she nods, pausing thoughtfully, "There's time now Sir Corwin, as I've no other obligation and my hostess duties seem to be at an end." It's Fayre's nation and future kingdom, she can do all the pleasantries after all!

Pawel nods a bit as he hears Cassia's words. "Makes sense," he offers. As she heads off, he gets hold of something to drink, something stronger than wine, if he can get hold of it, and then getting back to trying to avoid people again.

Fayre blinks and soon chuckles softly as she hears Myrana, a hand lifts and is waved just slightly. "You are fine. Please do not worry over it in the least, alright?" This princess is rather easy going over such manners, at least for today at least. It is a festival for having fun, not worrying about if someone did not give the right greeting. "Welcome to Wolvenshire Mistress D'Armaz." The young princess has a friendly tone, warm really. Her gaze flicks to Isold at the part about the other's ship and there is a slight pause while she blinks a touch. "My goodness." Seems she missed that memo!

Myrana lets out a surrepticious breath of relief, both belatedly recognizing Princess Fayre and her slip up in not addressing her correctly. Crowds such as gather at a feast put her a little out of sorts, and she smiles with a sheepish nod, cheeks still red with embarrassment. "Thank you, highness," she says. Only to, a moment later, stiffen as if an iron rod were put up the back of her dress at the account of what happened to Isold's ship. "Oh!"

"I'd hoped to catch up to you again before this evening. You'd issued a challenge I still haven't fulfilled. And it's pleasant company regardless." Corwin smiles and the knight leans on a couple of stacked bales that stand just beside where Amira is seated. He seems to accept her words as an invitation to chat for awhile longer. "However, I ended up taking an unexpected journey to Estermarch and really just got back to Wolveshire a day or two again. I'm back now, though, and not planning any more excursions soon. You stay is still going well?"

"Oh. Indeed. I haven't an idea where it is, so whatever business you wished to bring to me, I'm afraid I cannot conduct it. No matter how much it would please me to do so," Isold adds with a pained expression. "I'll get her back, when I do I'll need a new crew. I'll need a crew to find her, actually, Guardian's know what they did to my River Bitch to disguise her." Isold trails off quietly. "They'll pay for what they've done," she mumbles to herself almost too quietly, "they'll burn," is said as if a whisper.

Fayre curiously watches Isold as more is spoken to on what has happened to the others ship. "Lady Isold I am so sorry for your loss. What is being done to try and find your ship?" This questioned witch a curious tone. "Have you spoken to anyone about this?" Because if the other hasn't something she be spoken on the matter. At least that is how she feels on the matter.

Myrana swallows, looking between Princess Fayre and Lady Breaktide. A ways away, her chaperone, an older woman, is supping wine and watching her ward with a sort of alarmed concern, while not really daring wade into the company of nobility just now. "W-well, Lady Breaktide— maybe I can help you with that," she says, knitting her slim, unadorned fingers together anxiously. "My father has ships, and he has men. I'm sure he would see the benefit of aiding you in retaking your property, as he sent me hence partially to ask for a short chartering before I move on with my escort."

Myrana says, "I couldn't promise he would help, but I can't imagine why he wouldn't."

Amira's brows jolt up a little as some recollection of that said challenge breaths life into the young woman, "Oh yes, that," she smirks, hiding it behind an uplifted glass of wine, letting her eyes follow some movements of people coming and going, all polite and stuff by not staring overly at anyone for too long. Her hand drags the laurels from her head as she leans toward the stack of bales to which he stands beside, listening to the mention of the unexpected journey. "That sounds grand…" she wistfully tells him, looking back and up, "The closest thing I get to an unexpected journey is riding between Wolveshire and Laketown." She tosses the laurel crown aside, deciding to finish up her wine, "Oh yes, it's going well. We've so learned to entertain the crowds, Princess Fayre and I, with our superior archery skills," here she drawls, maybe not being so politically correct. Her hands fidget with the wine goblet, empty now that it is. Sad. Sad empty glass.

"Not much, not yet. I stayed in Laketown for a day afterward, speaking to the other captains that came in. None have had sight of her, and I've not had word since, your highness. Sir Corwin knows," she juts her chin in his direction next to the Northern princess, "he found me after I got back to Laketown." Isold turns from the princess and back to Myrana. "I would appreciate his help if he'd wish to give it, mistress, and it would've been a pleasure to take you up river. I need a small riverboat, aye, and men. There was ten in my crew, but Kirstin, she would've gotten more… muscle…" Isold trails off. "My appologies your highness, mistress. I find this to be a sour topic to discuss at such a festive evening. I… I must leave," the Breaktide woman curtsies to the princess, "we can speak on this at a later juncture," she says to Myrana. "A lovely evening, your highnesses," Isold half-shouts so that maybe Amira would hear.

With that, and waiting to hear the final words of those around her, she'd curtsy clumsily once more and speed off into the crowd, seemingly hellbent on making way back to the castle is Isold.

"I'm not really one to argue with my superiors - " Corwin replies to the princess, a ghost of a smile on his lips - " But one could argue your entire life is an adventure right now. Exactly how far away from your home are you? In a strange land, filled with, ah, interesting people and places." He gives a full grin now. "All that said, if you really wanted to float down the river to Estermarch, I'm sure it could be arranged. It's a pretty enough area - all green and hilly. They're very obsessed with horses there. I mean, I like horses, but they take it to another level entirely." Corwin lifts gaze when he hears Isold's voice, a slight frown touching his lips. "Ah, if you'll excuse me highness, I'm just going to make sure all is well with Lady Isold. We'll speak again soon?"

Pawel finishes his drink, and sneaks off past the crowd, to head who knows where…

Amira lazily looks over at him, brow arched up, unconvinced of exactly how her life is an adventure, shaking her head at how far away she was from home, "Too far sometimes to think about." Her gaze follows a few that are leaving, namely Pawel as he sneaks on out, just in time with Corwin's mention of interesting people, "Maybe. Maybe you're all strange." She tells Corwin with a nose wrinkle as she goes to drink more wine and there's nothing but a drop in her glass. What a shame and no one to offer her another! Oh the agony! Her attention flicks back toward him at the mention of Estermarch, "Arrange it then." And why the heck not? She'd done what she needed to do in Wolveshire and was simply waiting for results. Of course, any further indication of who what when where and why is unresolved when Corwin excuses himself to attend to Isold, nodding her chin only slightly, murmuring a quiet, "I'm sure."

Fayre ponders a few moments, her gaze following after Isold. She will have to look into everything that has been sure. Afterall she gets the feeling that Sir Gustav might be interested in this. There is a pause and she glances back to offer a warm smile and nods after Isold. "Do have a good afternoon Lady Isold." Her gaze turns over to Myrana, a warm smile sent to her once more. "Was a dear pleasure to meet you. I do hope that you enjoy the rest of your time here. If you would excuse me." She caught sight of someone that she needs to speak with so it off to speak with them it would seem.

"Good evening, highness," replies Myrana with a slightly sheepish smile, curtseying with a sweep of her hand at her skirts as the princess takes her leave.

Of course, the very instant Fayre is a goodly distance away, Myrana's chaperone pops up out of the safety of the crowd and takes Myra by the elbow to hustle her toward less potentially disastrous areas of socialization.

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