Words before freedom

Words before freedom
Summary: The final step before being released, the Mother Superior has words with Merrick and Breanna separately about Ignacious
Date: 19/9/2013
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Laketown - Temple Infirmary
The infirmary is a large open room with beds lining the walls. Between the beds rest small tables that range from being empty as the bed next to it to being covered with bandages, basins and countless jars of salves, and perhaps the stray memento or three for the patient it is near. Several of the beds have privacy screens that are set up around them, and other screens can be seen rest towards the back of the room with the many row of cupboards that most likely hold countless bandages and herbs, salves and teas for the healers and apothecaries that work there. Additional cupboards have been placed between every third bed or so as well.

With serving not only those of the Temple but those of Laketown and any who have been brought requesting aid, there is near always some soul being looked after or tended to within the infirmary by one of the Priests, Priestess or Acolytes of the Temple. There is but a single door that leads to and from the room, though it is wide enough for several to pass through at once, especially for those who may be carrying injured upon stretchers.

Thu Sep 19, 1329

After Ignacious had brought them to their seperate rooms, Merrick had finally let himself fall asleep. He didn't have a wink of it being shackled like a common criminal and while he was on alert to defend his friend. Once he was placed into the room he slowly crawled out of his armor, drank some of the water offered, and ate a little of the soft bread and warm stew brought to him. He wasn't injured badly, just an open gash on his brow that was easily stitched and tended too to keep infection free. That having been done, after eating, drinking, and some natural relief, he crawled onto the cot and let himself fall into a deep sleep. He's been sleeping ever since, unaware of those coming and going, having slipped deeper than anticipated. There wasn't much to worry about, he wasn't going anywhere. He was zoinked. That's how Tylon will find him if she comes into the room, in his simple shirts and shorts, curled up on his side with a blanket up over his shoulder.

Once moved to the infirmary, both had been tended after like normal patients, save for the guards that had been stationed outside their rooms. If Ignacious, the Guardian's bless his soul, had only ordered bread and water…the order got superceded and additional food had been brought along in the time after.

It was a bit of time before Tylon could clear up the business that had piled up in her short absence. But she knew Ignacious' and the report. Some time alone once to the infirmary wouldn't hurt either. Time for reflection, sleep…to stress and worry. But eventually the Mother Superior did come along, and assuming the critters wouldn't bite her….or ther others…they were brought along as well. While it towards Merrick's room that Tylon first approaches, the animals are allowed to go to their perspective 'owners'. A nod to the guards keeping watch is given before Tylon raps upon the door frame to Merrick's room, lightly calling,"Brother Merrick?"

Grim wasn't around. Merrick had left the silver wolf hunting in the forests when he returned to find Ignacious. So, his animal hasn't been seen for a time, since this all started at any rate. Merrick has to rely on his own senses to come awake, stirring in his cot at the knock on the door startles him from whatever dream he was stuck in. He pops up though, quite alert, confused at first, as his hand goes for his weapons and none are there. Blinking, he readjusts to the world around him and everything comes back. He frowns and pushes the blanket aside, swinging his legs over he clears his throat and answers, "Come in."

Lightly stepping into the room in seeing Merrick stir, though Tylon waits a few moments before proceeding further ito the room….she knew to well how some Chosen could be upon waking, some were beyond jumpy. But as the man starts to sit up, Tylon does proceed further into the room in time with his words. "Brother Merrick, I have to admit….this was the least of what I expected to learn about upon returning to town. Now, I hope to find that you are not completely lacking of Stilltha's wisdom as our overly zealous Brother Ignacious. Though it does sound from what I have heard, that you lacked Her clam and sense when it was needed and instead went with the fire of Ravas. "

He rubs his eyes to get the sleep crust out of them, head turning toward the person who enters, and upon his vision clearing, he jumps up onto his feet and then immediately takes a knee, "Mother Superior…" the respect there and so is his immediate sense of needing to redeem his worth. His eyes stay lowered as she begins to speak, knowing better than to interrupt her as she makes her statement known. At the granted silence, he does take it for his opportunity to ask, "If I may be allowed a word in my defense Mother Superior," he pauses to give her a chance to say no. The time to repent is near!

A hand lightly touches the Chosen's head as she notes,"Get up and have a seat, Brother." Before Tylon moves herself to take the bedside seat, her hands lightly folding in her lap. Calmly watching the young man as he speaks up, a simple nod occurs as she notes simply,"Of course you may speak, Brother. " The woman was not exactly known for making unfair judgement, she had after all had him freed from the dungeon.

The man only rises after he is certain that she is making this a little less formal than it could be, at least, it might be the chapter he came from was so regimented that he assumed the position he was in because, he was in a way, begging for forgiveness. He does climb to his feet to retake his seat on the bed, not without some lingering hesitations and instincts to do otherwise. He exhales loudly and rushes a hand through his hair, before both hands clasp together and rest in his lap, "I had come down to investigate the claims of Brother Ignacious having a witch, who, had control over animals. I, rightfully, was curious. I'm glad I was too." He sounds weary, a little disheartened perhaps, "What I saw was Breanna, a woman I have been trying to recruit and have been friends with since arriving at Laketown bound against her will, beaten already, moaning in pain. I asked my Brother what she had done and he said witchcraft, for compelling the power over animals." He turns a look on Tylon, "When I tried to reason with him, he claimed she had knowledge of the dark arts and that I was beguiled and that she had put a spell over me." He shakes his head, "I demanded her released. He told me to go grab a priest. I didn't. Because I didn't want to leave her for another minute down there-" he rubs his forehead, "Not many know of my own recruitment into the Temple's arms, but I was rescued during similar torment. I know I couldn't leave her to suffer the same. I refused and told him to go get the priest and that I would take her into my care." His words are as honest and rational as he can make them, "That's when it all got out of hand. My Brother disarmed me and I went willingly into his custody… At least I could be by Breanna's side if I could not free her of further torture."

The trip to the Infirmary is a long one, at least too Breanna, she didn't honestly want to be away from Merrick, though in the end she didn't have a choice. She wasn't the best one for the healers, at least at first as her thoughts was anywhere but where she happened to be. After spending a few days down in the Dungeons the hit she took too her head was angry, slight infection along with the wounds upon her wrists that she caused herself. After voicing her thoughts on the matter a few times the Ranger would allow the healers to do their job and sit quietly. Once the healers had left she took over a spot on the floor, sitting in the corner and eyeing the door, she isn't very trusting of anyone at the moment, and wants to keep a good view of the door if possible, which also means she refused to eat any food brought to her. She was only able to keep her eyes open for so long and soon dozed off and was that way up until the clicking of nails against the ground catches her attention, her eyes open to settle on the door once it is opened by one of the guards and Aislinn and Conall are let into the room before the door closes. There are a few whimpers and whines escaping the wolves while they move towards there Alpha and the three have a slight reunion as it were. Breanna isn't sure why she has been allowed to have her wolves, nor does she know the conversation that is going on mere doors away.

Or perhaps the lack of inane formalness is some idication that Tylon isn't of the same frame of mind as Ignacious. The woman does simply sit calmly as she waits for him to compose himself and find the words that he wishes to use. Listening to all he has to say without hint of interuption, perhaps the faint nod of her head here or there to words that perhaps fall in line with what Brother Ignacious as told her. "I do fear you are learning all the lessons about our dear Brother Ignacious the hard way. Truly, he does lack the wisdom of Stilltha, I fear there was no room left after Bornas blessed him with strength and Ravas the passion of faith. Which is why there are many….precautions in place concerning. And do trust I shall be looking into why they have failed. But that is my problem. But on to you and the matter at hand…"

There is a slight pause before Tylon continues,"Brother Ignacious believes you are not beyond redemption, I am of the mind that there was not quite a need to begin with. And our dear Brother, was regettably over zealous. While often right in his….ah…detections….he makes many mistakes as well. This certainly is one that is up there. However, there is something for you to have learned from this. Reasoning with Brother Ignacious is often a lost cause, I fear. Next time, I highly suggest you retrieve that priest after getting an assurance from him that he will not proceed further. For all of his passion, he is yet a man of his word. Trust in that. And that was your mistake, I trust you will recall this wisdom going forward. For if you had gotten that priest this matter would have been settled then and there and you would have not had to spent a night in the dungeons. ANd more importantly, I would not be having to have this particular talk."

The young man is not without sense to fold his arms and take stock of the words being spoken, his turn in essence to actively listen and keep from interruption. He is not free of fault on this matter. He stoked the fires as much as Brother Ignacious did. The result has gotten them here, but at least it has kept Breanna from further harm. Regaining her trust in the faithful church of the Four will be another story entirely. Thoughts that no doubt keep him frowning throughout her remarks about Brother Ignacious.
"It certainly was a mistake, one that will cost the Temple a faithful sister…" he sighs, knowing the woman is unlikely to forget such trespasses against her person. Though, he should have faith it won't all be for naught, at least, that's what he assumes he will eventually be told. The lesson, has him nod, "Yes… I should have had the sense bestowed on me to find a priest. Though I could feel nothing but the fire of Ravas inside of me and I was unable to turn away from Breanna, to leave her so utterly vulnerable." He rubs his chin, covered with a five o'clock shadow since he's not been able to groom himself in a few days now, "Forgive me that I could not see to trust another Brother. Perhaps I was beguiled…" He lowers his head as his elbows rest on his knees, "I will remember this lesson well."

"If that is the case, it is unfortunate. However, I believe the world is better," and no doubt safer," in having Brother Ignacious within our walls." The is a small breathe by Tylon, no doubt it is a good thing she does have the calm of Stilltha with her. "It is understandable, it can be difficult to always think clearly when someone we care for is being harmed. However, I do trust that I shall not need to tell you again that you /must/ not allow emotion to drive you when dealing with Brother Ignacious. It is you who must retain sense and reason. " Unfolding her hands as she shifts a little,"Forgiveness is easy, Brother. It was given before sent him to have you moved. And I trust that I need not lay out pence nor tell you the importance of allowing Brother Ignacious to assume that you have redeemed yourself fully without need for…purification." There is a faint smile from the woman, the man is all to quick to be certain people need purification. Thank the Guardians she only has one Ignacious to deal with. "Now, if you do not have further nead of me, I would suggest another day of rest here. I will have the guards removed as I go to apologize to Mistress Breanna." For what good it will actually do.

"Trust me Mother Superior," he bobs his head, "I shall keep a tighter reign over my emotions and not let them get the best of me, be it here in the Temple or upon the field of battle." He makes a quick gesture to honour his promise as if an oath made upon his others, just more informal and without the entire temple there to witness it. His eyes lift toward Tylon at the mention of purification, eyes confused a little, "I would hope to avoid that particular … rite." He shakes his head and does not seem to keep Tylon further, "I will remain if that is what you wish. I would ask, if it pleases you to do so of course, to send my best regards to Breanna."

"Emotions are difficult sometimes, but they must be controlled and not be allowed to control. " Finally raising to her feet, Tylon gives a small nod of her head as he make the gesture. "And I never thought it nessisary, but Brother Ignacious….is if anything..quite through. " Nevermind enthusiastic. "It would be for the best, and it shall allow you to gain further rest and perhaps some time to reflect on everything. And I shall be certain to give her your regards, Brother. " Pausing to briefly touch his shoulder before she leaves,"And do not worry, Brother. I think nothing ill of you, I know to well how our Brother can be. "

Merrick looks up at the gesture toward his shoulder, taking all the words in stride, ensuring he registers what she is saying. Treat Iggy with a proper pair of kid gloves. Don't get into a fight with him because Merrick will lose and there's no need to make the enthusiastic Brother have cause to use his purification ritual. "Thank you Mother Superior," he says as he stands from the bedside, waiting there for her to leave before he'll fall back down into the cot with a heavy sigh of relief. Yet, he still looks burdened by something … or someone.

After Tylon has had her chat with Brother Merrick, and he given time to rest, to ponder what was spoken and grasp just what Tylon has perhaps said, and thus some time after the wolves have appeared to reaquaint themselves witth Breanna, tylon does appear at the doorway to Breanna's room. A light knock is made prior to Tylon inquiring,"Mistress Breanna, may I come in?" Even if there might be guards, Tylon is ever polite and manner, and does not simply just go barging straight in, but awaits a response from the woman before entering.

Breanna is still in her spot sitting and leaning back against the wall, the silver she-wolf is basically in her lap as the brown male is curled up at her side. Everyone looks calm, and Brea seems relaxed, much more then she has been the last few days. She half scratches at the bandages upon her wrists, wanting them off but knowing better then to do such things. Her mind is wandering over the last few days while she is picking at the bandage, time slowly passing and then there is the knock at the door which makes her pause and tense up as she sends a glance towards the door. At the voice she ponders, there is a pause and she takes in a soft breath. "Aye." Comes the voice of the Ranger, her hands resting upon her wolves which makes them stay put.

There was no sound of armor and the voice is certainly /not/ Ignacious. So it should not be a shock that it isn't he who walks through the door but the Mother Superior. There is a slight pause as she offers a incline of her head to the woman and her wolves before continuing into the room and simply moving to settle into a chair as calm as can be. "I fear I have many apologies to offer to you, Mistress Breanna. And I doubt that they will be sufficient enough to atone for Brother Ignacious' over zealous passion to rid the world of all hints of the Fifth, even those that any with a hint of Stilltha's wisdom would know is nothing but a shadow and not a hint of taint. The efforts to keep him properly minded, amongst other things, seem to have grown lax in my short absence, and unfortunately, you paid the price for that. For that I am truly sorry, to all of you." Yes, she just apologized to the wolves as well.

Breanna is rather glad there was no sound of armor, for if that was the case she would be grabbing a chair to use as a shield as best she could at the moment. She watches as Tylon moves into the room, quietly watching her and listening as the other woman starts. The Ranger is not always quiet, and not always open to listening, thought at the moment she is as her pale gaze rests against the other. "Mother Superior" Her voice is soft, a slight greeting it would seem before her gaze lowers a touch to rest back against the ground. "Zealous passion is not one word I would use to describe that man." There are /plenty/ other words she would like to use though bites her tongue. Her tired gaze flicks back towards the other. "I've paid many prices for men who think they know what is right and what is wrong, what they feel to be the right way." Her fingers slightly grip at the she-wolves fur, fearful of the animal being taken from her again for a few moments. "I accept yer apologize. I only hope something is done before he harms someone that is unable to deal with his 'way' of trying to figure out who is a witch and who isn't."

There is a faint smile that actually flickers briefly at the first of Breanna's words, though the priestess dow remain quiet and allow the woman to speak and have her say before giving a small incline of her head,"I am aware that there are more colorful words and phrases in which to describe the Brother." She had perhaps used a few in private a time or two herself. "I do assure you that I am looking into the situation to see why the measures faltered, and will seek to ensure that it does not happen again. There is reason Brother Ignacious is not let outside the wall by himself, we usually do not have reason to keep as close a watch on him when he is within the walls of the Temple. And I do trust you can see to well why it is the world is better off for this." No she is not blind to the energetic Brother's faults. "However, there are times when his methods and insight are of use. And while he sorely lacks the wisdom Stilltha offers us all, his heart is in the right place, even if his sight is not always clear. "

Breanna looks slightly amused there for a few moments before a soft breath escapes her. "I do hope the measures don't falter again. If it wasn't for Brother Merrick coming when he did…" Well she doesn't want to think :on the matter. Her gaze drifts back to Tylon. "It was my fault for anything that happened dealing with the two. Merrick only wished to save me In the end he was shackled next to me, and I feel badly for that." There is a slight pause. "Nothing will happen to Merrick because of this.. I hope?" She isn't sure how things work in the Temple after all. A slight nod is seen. "Aye I can see why he is not allowed to go leave the Temple, which if he was able to wander the town I would pray for everyone he would ever meet."

Tylon gives a small nod of her head,"I am aware of the events that occured to end Brother Merrick there, I have her from him as well as Brother Ignacious. It was not entirely your fault, I have pointed out to Brother Merrick where his errors were, though as he is not as familiar with Brother Ignacious, I do fear he seems to be learning his lessons about Brother Igncious in the hardest of ways. " A small shake of her head occurs,"No, nothing will happen to him that need cause worry. I have set him to rest for another day, he seemed to be in need of it. And it will allow Brother Ignacious to assume reflection and pence is done on the path to redemption. But he, Brother Merrick, does also send his best regards to you. " There is a small breathe from Tylon,"Yes, he did once. He was a noble even, before he gave up title and lands to join us for the horrors he has seen. For he has seen great horrors, it is such things that have driven him to what he is now. "

Breanna listens quietly, her pale gaze is settled upon Tylon as the other speaks. There is a warm smile seen at the bit on Merrick. "I wish Merrick the same, his a good man, a good Chosen as well." She misses him, which is perhaps picked up in her tone. "Many of us have seen horrors, but I'm not out damning everyone and calling them a witch, or locking them up. I take it that ye do not feel that I be a witch and dabble in the dark arts then?" Well it is just a thought seeing how they are sitting here talking like this aftera ll.

"Each of us deals with them differently, most manage to go on as we have, but some…end up like him, others…are not even that lucky." If one is really to call it lucky. Tylon dips her head slightly,"You can see him soon." Merrick that is. Tylon smiles a touch,"No, I do not. I never had a thought that such was true of you. Nor of Brother Merrick. But if I would but simply have released you both straight off, not so much as a look, a talk, it is a risk that Brother Ignacious will take up matters into his own hands in thinking that I have been compromised. A risk that I believe is best I do not chance for the sakes of many…..I would offer to see a meal brought and the room yet if you wished, but I imagine you would prefer to make your way from here at the soonest. And you are free to do so." There is a slight pause,"Brother Merrick believes that the actions of one Brother will forever taint your few of us as a whole, I believe otherwise. You have never seemed such a rash woman to paint all with such a broad paintbrush. "

Breanna nods slightly while leaning more against her wolf slightly, the animal dozing it seems. Her smile stays at the part where she can see Merrick soon, a slight nod seen. "Thank ye." Is offered softly. As for the rest there is a slight nod and her head lowers a moment. "The wolves are my family, I've had them since they was both young, the female was a pup when I saved her from certain death. They are merely trained, no witchcraft is involved in them and they wish to be with me." Her fingers slowly pet across the wolves fur a few times. "I was taught to use different herbs to help with healing and other but I do not know any spells." She sees no reason to not tell Tylon what she knows. At the bit on Igancious there is a slight nod seen. "I'm sure he has been through much, then he might mean well. Though if he did this to me I feel for anyone else that he may have dealt with in the past." There is a slight pause, her pale gaze drifting back up and there is a slight pause. "Brother Merrick speaks the truth. I've had mix feelings about the Temple in the past, and was just starting to get past those walls. I fear that it may take some time before I'm at that same point as I was." Her gaze drift towards the wolves and she soon peers back to the other. "I I'm beyond tired; I would like to stay to rest if possible. Now that I don't have to worry about getting dragged back to the dungeons."

There is a small smile from Tylon,"Mistress Breanna, there is no need to explain. Even if I did not know Mother Merrick and Grim, there are others amongst the Temple who have animals they have trained. My Brother Destrian prefers the company of them in truth, especailly horses, understands them better than he does us." There is a flicker of something more perhaps at mention of this brother. Tylon gives a small nod,"The missteps are few, but there is not nead to feel for those who profess their devotation to the Fifth. Even what he does, is perhaps to good for them, for their plans for all of us are far worse. "

Ther eis a small nod to the admission,"And I do not blame you in that, and can only apolgoize again for what has come to pass. Things often happen for a reason to us, lessons we have yet to learn or teach. Sometimes it is difficult to see or find the meaning in something. " Shifting to raise to her feet, Tylon gives a nod,"It is quite possible, you may come and go as you wish, the guards will be made aware and will also ensure Brother Ignacious is kept away. And I will see food brought for all of you."

Breanna Is quiet for a few moments, a slight nod is seen while she curiously listening about the others that Tylon knows with such animals. "I know that ye have apologized, though it will take some time I'm afraid." There is a slight pause while she glances to Tylon. "I may not like Brother Ignacious, but I can see why he would have felt such a way. Only thing is one should learn not to act upon such feelings." Though she doesn't have a lot of room to talk there at the moment as she has her own times of straining not to act upon her own feelings at times. "I do believe things happen for a reason, not all of them are good, one just must work to try and find the meaning from it along with trying to learn from it to perhaps keep it from happening again." Her gaze turns back to Tylon, a faint smile seen along with a nod. "Thank ye Mother Superior. I greatly appreciate that. If ye could, and if ye might speak with Brother Merrick again please tell him that I hope he is well, an… That hope to see him soon."

"I do not expect an apology to make all well again. An apology is ever only a beginning. The rest does come with time." A thin smile comes from Tylon,"Indeed, though I fear that lesson is not one that seems to…stick…with Brother Ignacious. Try as I might to get it to." Amongst oh so many others. The man absorbs them as easily as a rock absorbs water. Giving a bow of her head,"I will be certain to pass your words along to him, Mistress. I will leave you be now, rest well." Drifting to depart the room. And true to her word a meal would be brought, plenty for Breanna and a assortment of meats for the wolves, kept separately for they seemed to be more on the rare side on the cooking scale.

Breanna nods slowly at the bit on an apology, a soft smile seen. "Still, it was a start, and I do take it knowing that ye mean it truely." At the bit on Brother Ignacious there is a slight twitch, not sure if that one will be able to learn anything that is presented to him. "Thank ye Mother Superior, I greatly appreciate being allowed to stay and for anything that ye have offered to me in the past as well." She is still alive thanks to the other helping heal her after all. "Have a good day Mother Superior." This said as she watches the other leave, a slight bow of her head seen. With the food brought she does eat it this time, and her wolves do as well. ALl in all the evening has turned out rather well.

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