Xander Lohstren
Chris Evans
Chris Evans as Xander Marius Lohstren
Full Name: Xander Marius Lohstren
Byname: None That Can Be Mentoned in Polite Company.
Age: 23
Kingdom: Taniford
House: Lohstren
Title/Profession: None
Position: Disgraced Knight
Place of Birth: Estermarch
Father: Wendell Lohstren
Mother: Catherine Lohstren nee Sollinger
Siblings: Tamara Taniford nee Lohstren
Spouse: None
Children: Maybe?


A Knight born and raised in Lohstren, Xander was kept sheltered from the harsher realities of war and the Corsair siege and instead was trained more in the art of showmanship and tournament revelry. Fun loving and adventurous, Xander serves as the face of the House Lohstren, and always puts his best foot forward.

Character Features

Physical Features

The reddish brown hair that crowns Sir Xander hints at the heritage of his mother and father, and leads to the same dusting along his jawline to his chin. Xander's face is handsome and expressive with bright blue eyes. He has a rugged brow and a sharp nose and a squared-off jaw and strong cheeks.

He has a strong build, even when he is wearing the armor of a knight. Not one of the Blue Guards, he is one of Lohstren house, wearing the reds and golds of the House, with the double-heaed horseshoe design. The thick brigandine he wears is well-maintain and appears to almost be new, as does his sword and other equipment.


  • Bird Man
  • Favored Son
  • Tournament Knight
  • Showman

On the Grid

Known Associates

Tamara Tamara Taniford nee Lohstren : Sister

Recent Logs

Recent Memoirs


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