Laketown Circus and Tournament: Zoo of the Weird

Zoo of the Weird
Summary: Creatures from Ellowe are brought to Laketown!
Date: 14 July 2013
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Laketown - Open Field
The tournament field is expansive and properly flattened to accommodate the events. The center is dominated by the list, deliniated by a series of wooden markers. To one side is a special dais for the highest sovereigns and their guests - the berfrois - where nobles and royals sit above the rest to view the events. To the left of the dais is a small circular station ringed with a single-rail fence where the melee events are hosted. Far off to the right a series of archery targets spaced at various intervals allow for archery competitions. Beyond all of this the field has been cleared for the various pavilions of those competing.

The single packed dirt road leads back eastward toward Laketown.

14 July 1329

In the warmness of the summer day, the field of the tournament in circus, the wagons that were paraded in at the start of the festivities are being set up. As the wagons are moved into place, a man in his early thirties is wearing brightly colored armor. He does not wear the colors of Taniford or Rhaedan, instead, he wears bright oranges and yellows.

As he takes in the crowd, Captain Javan Emrick rubs a hand over his chin. "Excellent. A nice crowd tonight, we will make good coin." he says, glancing over his shoulder at the young woman that his held in leather restraints. The woman, who appears to be in her early twenties, has brown hair and golden eyes. Her body is thin and taunt, and she wears very little besides her restraints. Her hawk-like features and the fact that there are feathers twined in her hair and they run down her back and sides show that while she may look somewhat human, she is not. The woman just glares at the man for a moment and he smiles at her. "Aww, don't be like that, sweetheart. It'll be a good haul." he points out.

And with that, he steps out onto the field and in the middle, the woman in tow. "Men and women of Eikeren! Welcome to Javan Emrick's Traveling Zoo and Flights of Fancy!" he says with a grin. "Now, like all of you once, I was rather plain. Hum drum. A bore. Snooze worthy. But then, one day, I made a trip. To the land across the lake. We all have heard the stories, and let me tell you, the stories are more unbelievable than you can imagine. Tonight, I have brought for you a sample of what awaits the intrepid and brave that dares to cross into Ellowe! And to share some of my own stories of experience. Starting with this lovely young creature next to me." he gestures to the young harpy and nudges her forward, her long legs walking carefully as she steps to the front and looks around her.

"This is Princess Anneliese of the Harpies. She was hatched from her mother and I came across the young girl on one of my first travels. Harpies are dangerous things, they'll try to steal your heart and blow your mind with their adventurous personalities." he announces. "But they are the best healers that coin can buy. They are all very advanced in the medical arts, and have mended men back from near death. But if they determine that you cannot be healed.. well, they will grant you a quick death. Marvel at the beautiful maiden, but don't get too close. She's got nasty claws." There's a gentle nudge to the Princess' back.

And the Princess responds. A pair of large hawk-like wings unfold from her back, exposing her body fully for a few moments as she twists around, as trained and then her wings fold back around her, protecting her modesty just as quickly.

Walking along with her Chosen, Tylon joins the many who have come that day to see the zoo unvield for the masses, an introduction of the oddities and wonders promised. "This has promised to be rather interesting, Brother." Though as that firt introduction is given, perhaps Tylon can be forgiven some for stepping just a fraction closer to Thomas and her hand taking to clenching to his arm as her other s briefly presses at unseen scars. Oh yes. Their claws are very nasty.

Of those in the crowd, few are more intrigued by the words spoken of the Harpy than those who trained - expertly or not - in the healing arts. The Westmarks, Paule and Katarina, are in the crowd gathered to watch the man in flame colors step out and address this gathered crowd. For her part, Katarina studies this harpy with marked curiosity and speaks in a quiet aside to Paule while the flame attired man continues to stoke the interest of the crowd.

Walking along side the Mother Superior, Chosen Brother Thomas wears his normal, full brigandine, the surcoat of the Temple with Bornas sigil predominate. The greatsword that he wears is strapped to his back, but the bow he won just yesterday is no where in sight. When the man comes forth with the Harpy, Thomas;s eyes narrow "As I know they attacked you, Mother Superior, it is still wrong to keep them so. Clearly the Guardians do not approve of such things walking their earth but I know They would frown on keeping any creature so." As her hand grabs his arm he pats it reassuringly with his free hand 'It's ok, I am here."

Standing beside Katarina, Paule nods his head as the two of them talk amongst themselves. And he offers a chuckle, a quiet word given. "If they are so good, perhaps we could hire them to teach at the college of healing." he winks towards the Countess as the man watches the show, his arm settled around his wife.

In the meantime, Lyam Varghem has finally made his way here for the show. Set up in a cleared area, he has his sketchpad out and the young man is drawing feverishly, trying to catch the show while it is still fresh in his mind. His charcoals dance over the paper as he glances up on occassion, looking for.. someone.. before he continues his art.

"I think that the average customer would balk at the notion that presenting with a incurable ailment would earn a fast trip to being made a snack," Katarina retorts in a soft voice. "I'm all for the best use of resources, but .." and her shoulders move in a subtle shrug.

"We do not eat humans, we mate with them for our young." The Princess snaps at Katarina, apparently hearing the Countess speak, and then she turns her gaze towards Thomas. "Yes, I would like to be free.. please.. come forth and free me.." she whispers, voice sotto, soft, seductive, her eyes gazing directly at the Chosen as her head sways back and forth, attempting to sway Thomas' attentions away from Tylon to come to her and free her from her bonds.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Anneliese=4 Vs Thomas=mind
< Anneliese: Success Thomas: Success
< Net Result: DRAW

An increased activity of blue around the Taniford Pavilion gives some warning before the Summer Queen actually steps out from the pavilion itself. Dark eyes draw in the inceased activity with the event at hand before gazing towards the younger woman at her side that has exited just moments behind. A rare public smile occurs at something that has just been said. "I do agree, Lady Elenore. Why don't you go and have a closer look to get those sketches you were talking about?" Giving a nod of dismisal before returning to observing, seeming to prefer to remain upon the fringes for this particular event.

Bryony stands amongst the crowd beside Sir Alek. As the harpy speaks to Thomas, she leans closer to the knight beside her. "Just let me know if you wish to step behind me," she teases warmly. "I'd not blame you in the least."

A beaming smile is given towards Regina from Elenore,"Aye, I shall be of going along. Thank you, Aunt Gigi." The wispy woman giving the Queen a quick and fleeting hug before she moves to depart,"I will be of being back later to show you of them!" A portion of Taniford guards breaking off to trail after the woman. Who is soon giving a little squee as she spies something of interest amongst the crowd. Her ethereal steps carrying her over toward her Lord huband has been spied, murmuring when she is nearer,"Might I be of scketching with you, m'Lord?"

Amira has come to see the odd zoo, not expecting much, though she had not been disappointed yet either from the circus or the tournament games. As always, she is accompanied by her guards and her handmaid and as she approaches the Princess of the Harpies, she remains back a fair distance to only be an observer.

"Did you think I would miss the chance of knowing exactly where m'lady wife would be this day?" Lyam asks in a teasing smile as he gestures to the spot next to him. "I would be honoured by your presence as always." he says, taking his moment to accept his wife's hand and grace it with a gentle kiss and a bright smile to her as he has his own squee and waits for her to settle down.

The call of the Harpy does sway Thomas. Briefly. She played on his nature to allow things to be free yet it only takes a glance at Tylon that is at his side to bring forth his true feelings. With a shake of his head "No, it is not my place to free you. Your master must and with the help of the Guardians he will see the true and proper path." Again his hand goes to cover, protectively, that of Tylon's.

"Indeed," is Katarina's low voiced reply, a murmur really, but as it's just a fraction of what she is inclined to say she leaves it at that word, and that alone. Humor gleams in her blue eyes but she simply folds her arms in front of her, shoulders and body language comfortable and curious without being agitated or belligerent.

A nod goes to Thomas from Tylon,"Yes, you are…and I promise to not let them take you," comes the slight tease from Tylon even if she does keep that firm grip on his arm. "But I do agree, even for what they are and have done, they shold not be kept so." Though when the harpy starts speaking to Thomas, Tylon frowns a touch, especially when the man just briefly, for a few moments doe get a little swayed. Ah, but will and sense prevail in the end. A smile goes to Thomas when his hand covers her,"I fear he is correct, Princess, it is not his place to see you free," addressing the harpy.

Alek gives Bryony a charming smile,"I shall be certain to keep that in mind, Mistress Bryony, I might need your protection from that one. But at least her attention is else where." Looking around before pointing out a spot,"There looks like it might give us a good vantage point to see everything."

The harpy princess smiles softly at Thomas. "Your woman can join us.. I want to carry your child.." she coos softly. "I will grant you what she will not.." he says, as if reading his mind. And then there's a loud and indignant squawk as Javan suddenly puts a blinder in place over the harpy's eyes. "And that's enough from you, you seductive little minx." he says with a laugh. "And that's why you don't send an all male party to Ellowe, folks! Unless you are as awesome as I am." he says, a lift of his chin in self-appreciation.

"Now, for our next act, we have some fun creatures that we brought back from the bogs.. called Bogs." he says with a laugh as the wagon is opened, and there are several creatures in it. They appear to be boars - but much smaller than boars. They have bat-like wings, and when exposed to the sunlight, they start to squeal and fly around the cage, flapping their wings.

"And now you've seen it all folks. In Ellowe, pigs do indeed fly!" Javan announces with a roaring laugh. "And let me tell you, they are some good eatings. Taste like chicken.. just kidding, tastes like pork."

The Princess gives a snort, unable to enthrall anyone with her covered eyes as she just shakes her head at the bad humour.

The bogs bounce around the cage merrily, squealing and flying and making all sorts of noises.

Bryony's eyes follow to where Alek indicates and she gives a quick nod. "I am curious about her healing abilities, though. Assuming it's true, of course," she murmurs as she lets the knight lead her to the new vantage point. "Oh! They're cute!" she cries as the bogs are revealed.

Katarina makes a small sound, startled, leaning back a little, "The only thing worse than bats is things with tentacles," she mutters, staying put in the crowd and NOT going to get a closer look.

The hug from Elenore does bring about a brief look of surprise from Regina before the Queen does briefly return it, a light pat for the odd little niece. Shaking her head once as the girl is watched departing before Regina does find her own spot to take in the event from. The various Blue guards taking up their places around her.

The is a gentle blush that rises in Elenore's cheeks at the tease, she did have a habbit of…wandering. "No, I am not of thinking you would miss such a chance, and you are knowing well of me…to know the colors and new patterns would be of drawing me here." Quickly settling beside him and drawing out her own sketch pad after the kiss is placed to her hand, giving a beaming smile to Lyam. Though charcoal is drawn as she does settle in beside him to sketch of the sights and things being revealled. A little blink coming at the next that gets unveiled,"Oh my….they would be hard to keep, aye? Or perhaps kept like falcons, trained as such?" Wondering such a thing out loud.

A full laugh comes from Thomas as he looks to Tylon "I fee so comforted now, thank you Mother Superior." But then the Harpy speaks to him again and he shakes his head "You have nothing I want." He retorts flatly. When the bogs are shown he does look at them with a bit of interest "Strange things indeed."

"I have been training you know, Brother. Certainly I shall fair better this time, should it be needed." Tylon giving the harpy a oddly calm look when it takes to speaking to Thomas again, a small squeeze given to his arm before it loosens and simply rests there now. Her green eyes turning to the Bogs that are unveiled,"I suspect they would make interesting prey for hunters." Flying bacon!

Paule tightens his grip slightly on Katarina's back. "There's nothing wrong with bats." he says with a chuckle. "Except that they are rats with wings and carry some nasty malidays." Pointed out diplomatically, he considers for a moment and then whispers to Katarina. "Think she'd come work for us if we freed her?" he teases with a wink.

Alek nods to Bryony,"Assuming so, and that they would be willing to discuss that knowledge with someone." Alek giving the harpy Princess now blinded a closer look,"A thing I am doubting." A hearty chuckle comes at Bryony's reaction to the bogs.

Of all things present, Amira has noticed no spiders… and she is rather pleased about that fact, having voiced to both Laurel and Kameron it was one of her fears since the night of the battle, so with a careful watch as she roams around quietly with her entourage, she avoids anything that seems anything like a large insect.

"They swoop, it's disconcerting," Katarina counters in a low voice even as her attention has already swept through the crowd again to take note of the presence of the Blue Guard which can only mean one of the Taniford royalty. She tilts her head subtly and begins to ease through the crowd, spotting the Summer Queen after a few moments of easing through the crowd and alters course accordingly.

As the bogs continue their merry bouncing, Javan shakes his head. "Real pests they are." he points out. "There was only two of them in there at the start of the circus." Now there's six. Go figure. "For our next creature, I would suggest you put some distance between your ladies and it, gentlemen. I had to wrestle this creature bare-handed for hours on end in a raging storm before I finally subdubed him!" Javan boasts. "He's a nasty and massive creature, and he'd rather bite your head off thank look at you!"

The cage is brought forth - the one that is heavily guarded. And when the curtains are dropped, there is a massive ball of fur that seems to be curled up. Asleep. "Really?" Javan mutters and gets a stick, and pokes at it through the bars. "Wake up, you lazy bum!"

There's a squawk of anger and suddenly the massive owlbear rises to his full height. Fur and feathers combine to give this creature an impressive size, as wide eyes and a sharp beak squawk again, massive talons swiping at the bars and causing the whole cage to rattle and the bars to reverb in musical tones.

"This is an owlbear, folks.." Javan says, taking a half-step back. "Ferocious and smart, they like to ambush parties at night, and can take off your head at the throat in a single bite. That's what happened to poor Sir Sodaryl. Snap. Bite. Gone. Poor kid never had a chance. But don't worry, they're pretty docile during the day!"

While Katarina goes to address the Queen, Paule moves and comes up near Amira. "Enjoying the show?" the Count-Palatine asks, and then smirks. "The man is quite boastful, don't you think?"

At the warning, Bryony only leans in, more resolved to see. A hand reaches out, patting absently at Alek's arm. "Look at him. He's so large. Does he molt, I wonder…"

Lyam gives Elenore a grin of love as he continues his sketching. "I wonder, what colors do you see from these Ellowe creatures? Are they similar to the ones you see from our home?" he asks as he as gets distracted from his art to turn his full attention to his lovely bride.

Thomas cuts his eyes at Tylon "Training, yes. I feel secure now." But then the next creature is broth forth and for some reason this one gets his attention. "Look at that!" He eyes the creature for a time, perhaps wondering what it would have been like to have fought one. Hearing Paule's comment he turns his head "Most that boast so haven't ever done it, My Lord. At least I have found." Then to Amira he bows his head "Princess, it is good to see you once again. I trust the Guardians have been with you?"

With the approach of the Westmark, the Blue guard bristle a bit, but then so do some of the Chosen for the group is not far from the Taniford Pavilion. The Summer Queen seeming to remain as cooly calm as she has been since taking up the spot to watch the various creatures being revealed. A slight comment offered to the attendent that has settled at her side when the owlman-beast is revealed. Something that seems to bring a chuckle from them. While Regina does not seem to give Katarina's approach no notice, it is not until there is a brief motion of her hand that the Blue Guards allow her to approach in full.

As the Count-Palatine approaches, Amira turns her gaze from the owlbear to him and she offers a bow of her head. "Count-Palatine Westmark," a radiant smile forming as she manages to remember the title from the previous evening conversations. "Oh he is, but have you seen the creatures? He has plenty to be boastful of!" When the Chosen approaches, she also bows her head respectfully."Indeed they have, thank you. I hope you are equally well?" Also nodding to Tylon with him, offering a warm smile to the both of them.

With the next creature revealed, Tylon blinks a little a she does indeed look at it,"My, I think that is enough to make sure I do not…how does Sister Alyona put it…sneak off on my own again." Briefly wondering if it would be better or worse than the harpies. And deciding she doesn't want to find out really. Giving a bow of her head in turn to the Princess, noticing being drawn to them with Thomas' action,"Your Highness," and another to Paule,"A pleasure as always, Count-Palatine."

Javan continues to work the crowd. As the owlbear draws oohs and aaahs, finally, it's time for the closer. The coin maker. To take candy from babies. "And last but not least in Ellowe.. I found these eggs after making my way into the cave of a dragon.. yes.. a dragon. To my surprise, I was able to discover these two and since they hatched in my possession, they believe that the Princess is their mother." he says with a laugh.

The last cage — the enclosed one — is unvieled. A large tank of water is enclosed in it. Swimming around inside is a pair of small - no longer than a small child - dragons. They gracefully swim around each other, and towards the surface, breaking through and then a brief flaring of wings, before they splash into the water again. "I give you, ladies and gentlement, boys and girls, the living embodiment of Stilltha, her children!" he says in a loud voice, as the two dragons continue to swim around and about.

Eyes spend more time looking upon the creatures that are being put on display than her actual sketchpad, though Elenore's hand rarely ceases to move the charcoal in some fashion. So much to capture! Lyam's question does draw a green, a hint of sheepishness in the look she gives. "They are many, much are same….some are different. The patterns though…all are…different, interesting. So easy to be of gettig lost in, they are deserving of studying. And they are of calling for it." Noting after a moment, softly and with a blush,"It is perhaps of being good you are here….so I am not of answering to such calls and of becoming….lost."

Katarina doesn't precisely slow her set course, but the rattle of talons on the cage does draw her attention - much like it would draw the attention of any sentient species that's evolved from the days when things in the sky and land thought of them as food. She casts a look at the cage, the sort of look she'd aim at any enemy on the field, in the court, or while hunting - how big is it, what's it's range, speed, reach, dexterity. . and if it can bleed, it can die. All thoughts that, to any who read such expressions, pass across her face in measured moments before she turns back to the Taniford Guard and the Queen they are guarding.

She slows at the outermost edge of the perimeter that the guards have established around their queen, not making any movement or motion that would indicate or offer violence or rudeness, and only steps closer once the subtle motion had been made and the edge of 'back off or else' vibe is damped down a bit. Near enough now, Katarina offers a courtly bow, which is to say - if she had a hat she'd have removed it with the same gesture - but it's a graceful gesture that starts with the tip of her head and ends with a bow from her waist before straightening just as gracefully. "Your Majesty," she says as she straightens, "please allow me to extend to you the greetings and cordial wishes of the other Rhaedan houses."

"I am doing very well Princess, thank you for asking." He smiles as Tylon speaks of Alyona and nods "She would not take kindly to you doing that. Amongst others," Then as the next exhibit is shown, Thomas stares hard. "Just a moment," he says as he pats the hand of Tylon and makes his way closer to the water filled dragon swimming enclosure. He ignores the fellows that have wheeled the tank out, only to get a closer look at the dragons, notable their skin. "The same," he mouths silently.

"Now, I'm sure boys and girls, that you're wondering 'self, how do I get me a piece of Ellowian history'.." Javan says as he waves Thomas back. "Step back, you're steaming up my glass." he says with a smirk, and then looks out over the crowd. "Well tonight, you have a unique opprotunity. I see Queens and Mother Superiors and nobles out there. Loosen your purse strings, kids and grown ups, since I have one too many children.." he chuckles. "We are auctioning off one of these dragons to the highest bidder! Come now, who wouldn't want to own one of these creatures. So step right up and let me know if you plan on bidding on this magnificent speicimen!" He says, gesturing to the tank, where a pair of men are working on isolating and capturing one of the dragons. Perhaps noticing the distress, the two creatures start singing at each other, which in turn causes the owlbear to turn his attention to the cage. The bogs stop their flopping around and line up to watch, their heads bobbing back and forth. Even the harpy princess turns her attention to the unfolding event. "You said you weren't!" she hisses at Javan.

"Well baby. I lied. Just like I did when I said I'd marry you."

Only after Katarina offers the bow does Regina acknowledge the woman, the Summer Queen inclining her head respectfully in turn to her. Brown eyes taking in the woman for a a minute before designing to speak herself,"Thank you, Countess-Palatine, you are quite kind and a credit to Rhaedan. " After all her Prince was far less cordial just days prior. "To you and the Houses of Rhaedan, I entend greetings and the wishes of enjoyment to this fine tournament and circus that has been provised for us all. " A simple and cool smile offered to the northerner.

"How big will they get? What do they eat? Please tell me someone is going to think to ask before they start bidding," Bryony mutters to Alek, stretching up on her toes to watch the creatures. "They're beautiful… But… It does not feel right to see them there. If they are true creatures of Stilltha, I cannot imagine she'd be too happy either," she confides to the man beside her.

"Oh, I know he wouldn't, Brother. It is why the matter of the cot first came up, because according to her, I did that the last time," notes Tylon. As Javan starts to speak again and this time there is talk of eggs and dragons, Tylon perks up and gives greater interest. And then the large tank is revealed, dragons and…he invokes the name of Stilltha. A small breathe is drawn in as her lips press into a line. A simple nod going to Thomas as he goes to take a closer look. Tylon giving a hard look herself, and then there is the mouthed words from Thomas and then Javan's talking about an auction and the look that crosses Tylon's face is not something many have probably seen…ever. Far from calm to put it mildly.

A fine touch of a smile haunts the curve of Katarina's lips as she inclines her head ever so subtly again while replying: "Thank you, your majesty, your words are most kind," she offers in the cordial tone of a Northern noblewoman who well knows how these exchanges are made, a odd little upward lilt in her tone of voice, surprising herself by finding the Southern Queen quite.. real. Words, after all, are just the noises made by air that pass along lips, shaped by teeth and tongue; words are what we all say, but it's what we all do once the words are done that often tend to be most memorable. She studies the Queen for a moment, the first real opportunity she's had to really observe the Southern Queen, the first real need to do so in fact, and for what ever reason she appears to quite like the Summer Queen. Inclined though she may be to say more, the sound of the crowd and the little sounds of distress have her turning abruptly, not putting her back to the queen (one never, EVER turns ones back on the King or Queen, of either court, it's just NOT DONE) but she does angle her body subtly all the same, wariness now stamped on her expression. It's a fight, a decidedly obvious one, as the distress cries make her want to reach for a weapon, and her left hand curls and uncurls several times with the effort to resist resting it on the hilt of the short sword at her side. Resistance, in this case, is not futile.

Off in the distance - from the direction of Shelter Lake comes an answering cry. Mothers in the audience feel it in their bones - the cry of an anguished mother hearing a baby cry and calling out to them.

Thomas looks up at the man as he is told to step back "No," comes his commanding voice, rather loudly at that. "YOu can not sell them. Not here, not anywhere. In fact you shall let them free." He moves a bit to where he can look the other in the eyes. "They do not belong to you. They belong to the Lake. They /will/ be returned to the lake." Then as the cry is heard from the distant lake "Now!" And he begins to reach for his greatsword that is strapped across his back.

Not a mother by any means, as it would be physically impossible, Amira does hear the sounds, but it takes her a moment to put together.. the two smaller ones, then the larger cry. Looking towards the tank, then the Mother Superior, then Thomas the Chosen, she takes several steps back, certainly not wanting to be anywhere near the tanks just in case the bigger one comes for the smaller ones. Listening to the Chosen Thomas, she mutely nods in agreement, but who is she to make demands? She remains within the safety of her own guards who all simultaneously draw their own swords at the possible threat.

A simple, calm and somewhat cool gaze settles upon Katarina as Regina is studied by the woman. Not many northerners to bother to venture to far south to lay eyes upon her, a novelty for many of them. But the fact she is studied does not seem to have any affect upon her. A Blue Guard does how ever wrinkle his nose. Katarina's attention is not the only one drawn by the cries, the Queen is not only a Queen but a mother, and one who has recently lost two children. The cry is known well, a feeling that is known deep in her bones. A coldness touches the dark eyes as she looks upon the man in charge of this all, the one who proposes selling one of the dragon. A flick of her hand occurs to two of her Blue Guards, and a hndful of near 'regular' Taniford Guards,"Please…assist the Chosen, if you would."

There is a slight hiss from Tylon as the answering cry is heard from the direction of Shelter Lake, a Mother..but not quite a mother in that sense. But there is more here than that all. Rightness, justice….an affront to the Guardians themselves, worse…Stilltha. Her words echoing Thomas',"They will be returned to the lake, their mother, whether they should be now. You had no right to take them!" The actions of Thomas, the words of the Mother Superior, do cause the many Chosen in the area to step to help their Brother out, in this matter.

Alek looks at the Chosen and the others, a hand settling to Bryony's arm,"I think that there might be an auction and it is best, you get back some. " Canting his head to listen more to that sound which comes from the Lake,"Yes, I do think, this isn't going to go well soon." Not quite looking to join the efforts going into motion as he does try to guide Bryony back away from what could turn ugly quickly.

Bryony is smart enough to heed the words of the knight. Her head lifts at the call and she moves where she is guided by Alek. "I know I should be terrified at the notion of a dragon in the lake… but I can't help but agree with the Mother Superior…" It's mostly muttered to herself.

"Hey now, I'm just an honest guy looking to make an honest coin. Didn't realize we'd arrived where all the bleeding hearts are." Javan says as he steps backwards. As he does so he gestures. "See, these were all caught fair and square. Like a cow, or a sheep. You ain't got the right to tell me I can't sell them.. and and.." Wow, that's a lot of guards. Uh..

Javan moves and opens the Bogs cage. "Sic em!" And the bogs come bouncing and flying out — and take off into the distance, heading north and south and here and there. Oh boy. As Javan shakes his fist, he cries out, "Traitors!"

And then there's that cry again. Much MUCH closer. A shadow is cast over the field.

"By the Four, do you not get it?" The great sword is held ready, Thomas moves after the man. But he won't strike, not while the other is unarmed. As more Chose approach "Get those men," he indicates the ones from the circus "And get that wagon to the lake, hurry. Else I fear we all shall be not long for the here and now." He shakes his head "You are no more honest than a common gutter thief. Now stand back, or better yet, help!"

"By your leave, your Majesty," Katarina says quite calmly, the Countess-Palatine sweeping a look over the guards assembled, trying to determine which of those gathered is the captain of the Queens guard. "Convenience be damned, I'd rather not have this particular mess on my plate when I return home. Would you mind another sword in the ranks?" is offered rather politely despite the tug that reminds her of her own loss, the tug that has her eyeing the sky warily.

The Mother Superior is a stubborn creature, and not known for standing idly by, especially when it comes to matters of the Guardians, thus she is soon running…yes..running towards the tank when there is that cry sounding again and…great…a shadow being cast over the field. "Get the people back," shouting to a few of the Chosen to take to managing the crowd and sending them in the opposit edirection of the Lake, of the impending shadow of motherly doom. It'll please THomas to now end, but Tylon is suddenly near him,"Just get it closer….she is coming….we need to be away….." Glancing at the 'shadow'..before adding,"..soon."

Lyam, who had been watching for the moment, suddenly rises to his feet. Pressing a kiss to Elenore's cheek, he whispers three words to her before he runs forward. "I can take the wagon team.. I have experience." he offers nervously as he climbs up the side of the dragon's wagon and takes the reins. "Hiyah!" he calls out as he starts to lead the horses and wagon away from the circus grounds.

Without her own weapon Amira looks around, hoping to find something she can use if necessary. Wishing once more she had won that bow, she would have carried it everywhere with her and be armed even now. Instead, she remains impotently at the sides with her own guards who remain at her side despite the panic going around. It is then she notices the shadow and she steps back even further. She had seen this dragon before!

Regina inclines her head to Katarina, giving the woman leave in silence. The Summer Queen remaining perfectly calm even as the chaos begins to errupt. Captian or not, one of the Blue Guards eyes Katarina over before giving a kurt nod,"It would be…" oh how he almost chokes on the next word,"welcome."

The ringmaster is waddling out at this point. "Javan is not a part of this circus!" he calls out in protest, trying to keep his own men out of this fight as he waves off. "Take the man and his girl, they ain't been nothing but trouble!" he says loudly.

Javan blinks again. "Well, now I know who my friends are. Annaliese, it's time to go!" he calls out to the girl as the wagon races off towards the lake.

"Not this time." the Princess says with a smirk and studies her nails. "I'm not interested in going back this time. After all.. you said you wouldn't marry me." she says and waits for the guards to take Javan away. "Your Majesty!" the Princess calls out to the Queen. "Me and my kind request sanctuary and safe passage from our captor!"

Bryony hasn't seen the dragon. Now that the shadow is falling, however, she's wanting to desperately. The healer cranes her neck, trying to look around the bodies of the people about her, trying hard for a glimpse. "Wait… I want to see…"

Having been sketching away to capture all the creatures, the odd murmur of colors, patterns, perhaps things that only Lyam, her huband could grasp. But then he is jumping up and the whiper, then running off. And Elenore's eyes go wide to see where he runs, what he does…where he goes…and a look of pure horror comes, her mouth goes wide, like a scream…except nothing actually comes out. About to try and scramble after, but her guards are quickly there and dragging her back and away from it.

Hearing the words from the Ringmaster, who is given a glance, then back to Javan and the Princess "I can not speak for the Queen, but I can speak for the Temple's Chosen. YOu shall have what you seek, Princess. YOu are free of this man. But I suggest you now take cover." Thomas looks to Tylon and frowns "As you should as well, Ty, er, Mother Superior." He then looks skywards as the shadow falls "You fool," he growls to Javan.

Katarina gives a measured nod to the captain of the Queen's guard, sizes up the men standing ranged before the Queen and simply takes up a position that is near enough to the captain to be heard and give her a clear line of sight on that which is making the crowd scream. The request for sanctuary and safe passage does make her turn her attention back to the Harpy but.. she has other issues. One of her own Westmark knights has finally made it through the crowd, popping free like a cork from a bottle. She snags his arm and speaks simply: "Locate my children, get them to safety. Locate the Count-Palatine, he'll be with the guard nearest the Princess or our Prince," she releases his arm and sends him back, knowing that he'll make his way through the crowd and carry out her orders. That's why he's among her men here, after all, well trained only takes a knight so far - the ability to carry out orders and understand what they really mean bring a knight the rest of the way.

Paule glances to Amira. "We should seek cover." the man offers quickly, gesturing to the guards. "Go. Now." he says, not giving any quarter as the Princess is escorted away. He glances towards the sky and then where the wagon is leaving. "Bloody fool." he mutters as he moves towards the cover of the Rhaedan pavilion.

"I would suggest….female Chosen selected to give escort, Brother," comes Tylon's suggestion upon the backs of his words to the Harpy Princess. Amongst many other things, like the clipping of talons! "Yes, Brother, I know… Do not daly yourself as it seems." Glancing after the wagon that has been takenup by the young lad,"we should all be trying to take some manner of cover now."

The words of the Harpy Princess do catch the Summer Queen's attention, and the Chosen is already speaking to grant the creatures request. But Regina gives a response as well, it is simply good politics to try and build…good will. "Safe passage to return to your lands is granted, escort will be provided." All female escorts. But then Regina's attention is given onto the approach of Taniford guards practically dragging along Elenore and a frown comes. The girl might be half loon, but she was Taniford. "Get her into the pavillion. Now."

Women! Alek grip Bryony's arm,"I don't believe waiting is the best option, unless you want to be lunch." Pulling the healer away,"And by the size of that shadow, I don't think you need a front row seat to get a good luck, Mistress. Really."

With the wagon racing out of the campsite, that dark shadow passes over the camp, and for a moment, those with the eyes brave enough to look skywards will see the majestic blue dragon that is Stilltha's avatar fly over the camp, just as it slams into the wagon, spilling it over. The two baby dragons are freed, with their mother carrying them off, as one of the horses bolt, the other remains on it's side, leg broken. As for Lyam - there's no sign of him at first in all of the wreckage and spilt water.

Javan stares blankly and hopelessly out at the carnage. "No! That was going to buy me a new castle! You ruined it! You ruined it all!" he says, dropping to his knees to be easily taken into custody by whoever wants to.

The harpy Princess nods, and glances towards the owlbear. Making some noises at it, the creature lowers down and she moves to release it. "The owlbear will not harm you - he will serve as my mount."

When directed by the advisors of the Crown, Amira listens and as soon as he suggests them take cover, she immediately goes, her guards following her, along with her handmaid. "Yes Count Palatine," nodding respectfully before slipping inside the pavilion for the northerners.

Bryony's eyes widen as the dragon passes overhead. She is tugged along, her head tilted ever towards the dragon. "Remarkable…. Sir Alek… she's so large. Imagine the power required to hoist all of that weight into the air and keep it there… Pardon me.." She does, at least, remember to beg forgiveness as she bumps into people. "She has the little ones… Oh, she's lovely. She's…" The woman stops speaking and moving, her full attention on Sir Alek. "What are the chances we convince both kingdoms to hold off on war so we can explore Ellowe?"

As the shadow turns from the field Thomas pulls out his dirk and frees the bindings of the Harpy "Go, free the Owlbear and then be off. No one will stop you nor harm you." He does not meet her eyes though, and backs away quickly. Then as the Laketown constables rush in, where have they been cowering, Thomas orders them to take Javan into custody. Turning back to Tylon he nods to her "The danger is past, I think." And then the crash of the wagon and the dragon flying away with the little ones. "Hurry, someone, see if that fellow is safe or," the rest is unsaid.

Eyes do widen as Tylon's takes in the majesticness of the creature that flies overhead, a prayer briefly whispered. And then there is cringing as the wagon is slammed into, the spilling of water and horses bolting. A hand touches to Thomas' arm,"We need to see…if he survived..and needs help." Perhaps some warning of just where she is going to be going. Eyes flicker to Javan about to say something when the constables rush in, that trash now taken care of. Noting to Thomas,"See that some Sisters ensure that the Princess is not bothered as she returns home." Or more so does not stray and become a tourist.

"Quite amazing, I agree," the Knight does actually look up and then blink. "Quite. Just, I don't think I want to tangle with an angry mother, let alone one that big. Ever." Pulling the woman along a far ways before deciding, upon hearing the crash of the wagon that it is probably far enough. He blinks at Bryony at her final words. "By the Guardians woman, that is just plain insanity, no one explores Ellowe and returns. Everyone who goes, never comes back. There is no such thing as exploring Ellowe. It is a death sentence, not an adventure." Alek just stares at the healer before shaking his head. Women!

As she is given her freedom, the Princess frowns. "Hold!" she commands for those taking Javan into custody. "As it is I who he held captive, I demand the right to take this man back to the Sisterhood to face judgement for his actions against me." she says with a frown. "Please. It will be better this way." she says as she looks around, waiting to see if the Chosen will bundle up Javan for her to have her way with all the way back to Ellowe.

"Well, he did," Bryony retorts, her arm moving in the general direction of the far away and kneeling Javan. "He went. He captured these creatures and he brought them back. Clearly, it *can* be done. Think of what we could learn… the animals, the plants, the medicines… I'm not a fool. I know it would be beyond dangerous, but the potential knowledge we could attain…" Hazel eyes shift towards the shattered carriage and she begins to gather up her skirts. "I should see if anyone needs help."

Dark eyes blink and Regina cannot help but cringe when the wagon is crashed into and water goes splashing everywhere. She looks towards the pavillion before to the Westmark that has taken place to aid the Blue Guards, should the need arise. "Countess-Palatine, I give thanks for your efforts, the gesture will not be forgotten. I believe the danger has past, go and be with your family. As I believe one of my own is in need right now." The Queen giving a respectful incline of her head to Katarina before turning with a swish of her skirts and heading towards the Pavillion just as a wailling cry comes from that direction. Regina giving a nod to a few of the Taniford House guards that sends them spriting off towards the wagon to discover the fate of the lad.

It is a very good thing that Elenore was already dragged off into the pavillion and did not witness the crashing of the wagon. The sound that comes seems enough for the young Lady to find sound for the wail that comes from that direction. At least one might assume it is her.

As rescuers arrive at the site of the crushed and doused cart, the body of Lyam Varghem is found within the wreckage. Battered and bruised, one of the young man's legs is twisted at an odd angle, and he is unconscious and unresponsive.

"Go, Tylon, I am right behind you," he says as he puts away his sword and begins to jog in the direction of the wagon.

The aftermath is where Tylon's duties fall, the Chosen are left to help settle people, get them calmed. And for those that might have paniced and gotten themselves injuried, sorted for them to be seen to in good time. Tylon takes off running towards the direction of the wreckage, Thomas right behind her. Boards shifted and moved in order to uncover that young man's form. A slight breathe at the state he is found in. But there is no hesitation to check his vitals, to ensure he is breathing at least with the unresponsive nature, the sound of a heart beat. Before starting to give direction,"Get a strecher, his leg is going to need to be set."

The constables have already well bundled up Javan and were already starting to cart him off when the Harpy Princess make her request…demand. They pause and look to the Chosen, specifically those who have formed up to 'escort' the harpy homewards. One of the Sisters just gives the Princess an even look,"We do not disagree that he should attone for his sins and crimes against you. But he will first attone for the affront to the Guardians and what is left of him will be delivered to the border where you exit, so that he may face what judgement your Sisterhood requires for what he has done to you."

"At least he says he did, do you really think /he/," Alek waving his hands in the direction of Javan,"is exactly the most trustworthy person." The Knight just shaking his head at the healer. Not that he can deny things could not be learned, but at what price? Alek nods to her,"Go, be the healer that you are."

"Then I demand that when you are done that you return him unharmed, or we will consider it an act of aggression to be taken up with our Queen." the harpy Princess says, waiting for the the response to that before she departs.

"Don't send me back to Ellowe.." Javan says, staying closer to the Chosen. "They'll tear me up there. Please please don't make me go back there!"

Turning to the Harpy, ignoring the man for now "And what would you do with him should we allow this to occur?" Thomas asks, still not looking at her directly.

The Princess frowns. "He will be taken before the Queen. Tried for his crimes and trespasses. If found guilty, he will be drawn and quartered. If innocent, then he will be allowed to go free." Which Queen she means, of course, is left up to the imagination.

A simple motion of Tylon's hand does send someone to put the horse with the broken' leg out of it's misery. When Bryony comes along, Tylon actually motions to the woman to help her with the unconsious Lyam,"See if there are a couple boards that will work for a split for now. I'll see just how the break is, then I'll need a hand setting this leg right again." Thankfully the lad is knocked plum out for the prodding, even if mostly gentle, that is done along his oddly twited leg to find the true nature of the break and how best to…get it back to right.

Thomas turns to the Queen, the Taniford Queen, "As the ranking Royalty, YOur majesty, I shall leave that decision to you. If the trial is fair and he is justly found either innocent or guilty I do not see how the Temple would object to turning him over to them." He looks at the cowering Javan with disgust "But the crimes he committed were against those from Ellowe. I would suggest that he be turned over to them."

Having exchanged a respectful nod with the Queen, Katarina had withdrawn from the line of defense around the summer queen and seen to the location and safety of her three children, one hand resting - not without conscious gesture - over her stomach as she'd slipped into the crowd, though considering the crowd it's no wonder she kept her extremities - and weapons - close to her side. It's only now, several minutes later, that Katarina emerges from the pavilions reserved for Rhaedan families and house retainers.

At least young men with broken legs are not put out of their misery. Lyam's leg is pretty messed up, and knowing his fragile constitution it is probably a safe bet he will always have a limp if he is able to walk unaided at all. There's a soft moan, something about colors and confusion between his teeth as he lies there.

Bryony inclines her head and begins grabbing up bits of shattered wagon to find the most serviceable pieces. It doesn't take too terribly long but the woman returns a little later. "How bad is it?" she asks the priestess when she returns. That she's the royal healer for the north and the injured man is from the south does not seem to worry her in the least.

The exchange is noted by the Summer Queen, having stayed from it allowing those of Laketown to take care of the matter, respecting their neutrality until the Chosen directs the matter Regina's way. "I concur, Brother. Once any matters here he must answer to have been completed, he should be turned over to the Princess," inclining her head towards the harpy," to face trial and justice by those whom he harmed and commited his crimes onto. "

The Harpy Princess looks displeased, but accepts the ruling. "As you request." the woman says as she settles upon the owlbear and turns to lead it back out — heading towards Shelter Lake to make the crossing back into Ellowe.

After working out the nature of the break in the rather messed up leg, Tylon just shakes her head at the situation. "It isn't good. He'll be spending a far bit of time on this healing. And we'll be luckyif he doesn't come around as we get this set." Eyes turning up as he does moan and words are mumbled. "If you would, hold here, while I get work it back to place." It is not a pretty process, leg just shouldn't move that way to begin with, let alone get returned from here. And there is pain involved, entirely plausible that it would rouse him, and then knock him right back out. But with Bryony's help, Tylon does an amazingly steller job of getting the bones realigned and firmly splinted up to keep them that way.

Bryony does just as the Mother Superior instructs, her expression sober as she holds the leg. "Comfrey poultice, of course, and elevation… I'm sure the Taniford healer will know what to do." She chuckles softly, shaking her head. Of course the healer would know what to do.

"I am certain as well," Tylon offering a smile to Bryony once the leg has been set. The young Lord checked over again before seeing him tansfered to the strecher that was brought and sent off towards the Temple's infirmary for the time being to be watched over and begin his recovery.

With the Harpy Princess sent upon her way, and the return of the guard sent to find out the fate of Lyam returning, Regina gives her attention to him. A simple nod is given before she vanishes into the Taniford Pavillion. Soon afterwards, the Blue Guards and along with many Taniford guards are seen escorting the Summer Queen and the Lady Elenore back into Laketown and towards the Temple of Four.

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